A basic outline of my story :)

Chapter 1

My Story (Working on a name)

So, for those of you who commented on my question, here's what happens (briefly) in my story (leaving out spoilers!!)

it's about a girl around 15/16 and she fights things called Creatures, Creatures come from Hell and her job (along with others) is to fight them off so they don't take over
She recruits new people to help her and gets into many EPIC fights with the Creatures
There's some romance in there, some heartbreak and lots of happy moments! :)
i've tried to make the characters as real as possible so you, the reader, can connect with them :)
There's a twist at the end which i promise NONE of you will see coming! ;)
I'm currently planning the second one, so please look forward to the first!! :D

~Haelyn ~


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