I feel like enough of the people on quibblo are cool enough to understand the epicness of Homestuck, Andrew Hussie, and MSPaintAdventures in general, so, here we go!

Chapter 1


by: Londikinz
I have noticed that not a single person in my friends list ( which isnt all that long, but the epeople post lots of stuff, so it seems like it.) has made a Homestuck reference. This saddens me, so I felt it was my duty as a fan of "The Huss" to enlighten you all.

John: Main idiot, and first character introduced to you.
Rose: Criminal mastermind, cunning psychoanalizer, and friend of John.
Dave: Known as the cool one. He only likes things in an ironic way, and looks up to his bro, who is only known as "Dave's Bro"
Dave's Bro: Ridiculosly cool puppet fanatic, and Dave's sole role model.
Jade: Mildly Psychic and Psychotic, Jade plays a large role in the plot of Homestuck, and seems to be the main Plot Developer. She has a really cool dog.

There are more characters, I just dont feel like listing them. ;)

Less than friendly antagonists. There main puprpose in Homestuck is to confuse the readers with time shanagains and kill John repetatively.

The Midnight Crew:
( see chapter picture for image) They arent actually part of homestuck. Obscure references are made to them through out the story, until the intermission in Act 4. There, you get a full on look at The Midnight Crew and their hatred of time shanagains. Theyre my favorite.

Andrew Hussie:
The author and creator of Homestuck and several other similar web comics. Needless to say, hes a badass.

I seriously suggest Homestuck to all my friends who read and have waaay too much time on the internet. If you are interested, google Homestuck, and click on the first link.
Warning: Homestuck is an interactive web comic, and is considered highly addictive by all its fans. Happy reading!


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