The Unexpected Situation [A Love Story}

So here you guys go! My first story Non Michael Jackson related. I know. I can't believe it either.
Well hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

Never Thought I Would Become This.

As I walked through the hallof of Middletown Burg Middle School, the kids that were lining up against the white brick walls laughed at me, and throwing crumpled paper balls at me, and sneeking their foot out when a teacher wasnt looking so they could trip me. I was once beautiful. Why did i have to look like this now? Now, i understood how kids that were already bullied felt. And i need to make a change as fast as possible. But what could i do now? They were never going to listen to me, never going to give me a chance to speak out for myself once again.
I promised myself: "As soon as i turn back to normal, I'm going to make a change. For once in my life." i firmly stated in my mind.
Now, if you must know,, what exactly what i looked like, it was horrible. My once long shiny brown wavy hair was now white and dry. My once green eyes were now grayish white. My once perfectly tanned shade of skin was not white and pale. I was an Albino Monster.
And how i knew i was a monster and not just a cursed Albino human, was i had craved meat like there was no tomorrow.
Before i turned into this, i had been working on a diet. Yeah, well forget about that. My craving for meat actually caused me to gain five pounds in only a week! And because of that, I cant even wear my clothes. Now they're all too small and too tight. But i couldnt just quit school either. So, i decided to be a brand new transfer student. I changed my name to Allison Carlene. Before I was Maddie Crane. But...She won't be existing until i change back. But Changing back just wasnt all that simple.
But It all happened about a week and a half ago....

sorry for the short chapter! there are a few short chapters but as it goes the chapters get a little longer. Hope you enjoyed. ♥Vienna

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