The Girl Who Wished To Be Skinny

I guess you could say this is kind of a true story... Some of the things in it could be similar to things that have happened to me.... :(

Chapter 3

School Shopping

Over the next two weeks I mostly helped my mom get things settled around the house. I wanted to walk in the mornings, but I didnt because I was scared I might see that doctor. Scince he'd banged on my window I hadnt saw him again. I hoped he'd left me alone for good. When we'd finally got everything in its place at our house I still had a week before school started. Eventhough I had nothing to do with my life outside of it, I didnt want to go back to it. Over the next week we got all my school supplies and we went cloths shopping. I hate cloths shopping the most.

The day we went to get my school supplies my mom said "You need to get your bangs trimmed."
I said "I dont want them trimmed, I like them long."
She said "I dont care, they dont look good that way and your going to get them trimmed."
I said "It doesnt matter if you like them! Its not your hair, its mine!"
She said "Watch your tone, and your getting them trimmed!"
I thought Biitch

After we got the school supplies we continued shopping for cloths. My mom said "Lets try to find some cheap stuff in Walmart." I said "Were not going to find anything in there to fit me!" She said "How do you know that, we havnt looked in a long time and they do have some stuff to fit you!" I said "They never have anything I actually like that fits me. All the stuff that fits me is ugly!" She didnt say anything and we just went into the store.

After about thirty minutes of looking I couldnt find anything. My mom kept making suggestions, but they were all ugly. We finally left and went to Cato's. I actually liked some of the stuff in that store. I really wanted to go to Goodys though, most of there stuff I actually liked and it fit me. I kept trying to get my mom to take me there, but she wouldnt. I ended up leaving Catos with two pairs of pants and two shirts. I didnt really like them that much, but they were ok.

My mom made me go to another store after that to find some shoes. I quickly picked a pair just to get out of there. I was tired of shopping and just wanted to go home. Shopping kind of depressed me, because all the cloths I actually liked were to small for me! It was usually the same thing with shoes to, because I had huge feet!

After we got the shoes we went home. I hung the cloths in my closet and put the shoes in there to. I put away all the school supplies I didnt really need then and put a few note books, penciles, pens and a binder with some papper in it, in my book bag. Scince mainly thats all I would really need besise text books and maybe a few folders.

After I did that It was almost 5:00pm. I went over to my desk and got out my sketch book to start drawing. When I did I noticed a folded up note. I picked it up and unfolded it. It said "You thought I'd forgotten about you didnt you! Well I didnt, I think about you all the time! I want you and I'm gonna get you! You cant stop me! ;)" I ran out of my room and showed the note to my mom.

After I did she called the cops. I kept wondering how he'd gotten in there. The front door was locked and So was my window, along with all the other windows. The front door was the only door we had and the only way he could of gotten in. When the cops arrived they went in my room and looked around. They looked everywhere and in my bathroom above the shower they found a camera. The doctor had put it there.

They took it down and checked my room for more, but they didnt find any. I felt kind of safe after that. They asked my to describe the doctor, I did. Then they asked me where he worked at. I didnt know the name of the place, so I looked at my mom and she told them. After that they tryed to figure out how he'd gotten in the house. They said it looked like he'd ticked the lock on the front door.

After that they left, it was to late for them to go to the doctors office and try to find the doctor. They'd said they would go there first thing in the morning. I stayed out of my room for a while. I just sat in the living room with my mom. Around 8:00 she made me go eat something, eventhough I still wasnt hungry. After that I went back in my room. I change cloths and got in bed. I didnt want to go to sleep, but I didnt know what else to do.

I just layed there for a while and soon I fell asleep. A while after I fell asleep I started dreaming that the doctor was in my room and he was standing over me, just watching me sleep. I woke up around 12:00 in a cold sweat from the dream. I looked around the room and didnt see him there. The dream had felt so real. I'd felt like he was actually there. I sat there for a few minutes and then I layed back down and went back to sleep.

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