One Way Street (An Original thingy by Me)

Free verse/short story/poem thingy....I'm not exactly sure what to call it.

Chapter 1


Yellow - Coldplay

I was listening to this song when I thought of this....kind of my food for thought.
I dunno, I think the lyrics are really touching....and maybe a tad depressing too. :/
So if you wanna check it out, it's a great song.


When you've liked him for so long it hurts.

When he probably hasn't even though twice about you that way.

The way you go to his house, but only to ever hang out as "friends".

When he shows you the time on his phone, but all you can see is her in the background.

The way it hurts so bad to see him hurt.

When he seems less than enthusiastic to even hug you sometimes.

The way your hands touch when you're walking, but it doesn't mean anything to him.

The way he makes you feel so safe and secure.

When he get depressed and angry at himself instead of being angry at her.

Even when he doesn't talk to you, it's enough just to see his face.

The way he has his own special nickname for you.

The way you can't help grinning like crazy at everything he says even when it's not at all funny.

Even though she's going off to college, he's still counting on it to last, but you know it won't.

When he knows more about you than most of your friends, but sometimes you still can't find the courage to talk to him.

The way he tells you a lot, but not everything.

The way you find yourself comparing them all to him, because somehow your crazy mind believes he's perfect.

When he says how he loves that you're so open minded and kind, but that's it.

The way he understands you better than anyone.

When he talks to you, you still get butterflies after all this time.

The way you still hold out, waiting...even though you know it'll never happen.

The way that you've tried all these years...but nothing seems to work.

The way you know you should just give up.


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