The Bright City

The greatest place on Earth to be
When you are in misery
And your loved ones part
Is in your heart

Chapter 1


It started with the drenching rain. The clouds had appeared from nowhere and the previously sunny city had vanished underneath a cover of mist. It was no mystery where Sunshine City had gotten its name, but the new days of rain and mist frightened the residents. Once word had gotten to outside authorities, many officials came to investigate. One by one, they gave up.

Sunshine City became known as Cloudy City. Everyone had given up hope of seeing the sun in that city. If no one could find the reason why the rain had started, how could they ever hope to stop it? It was hopeless. It was an issue tossed down the drain a few decades ago. All of the officials in the city said to give up trying to find a solution. They said that the sun would never show its face to us again.

I didn't buy it.

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