Hmm. Harry Potter Fanfiction? TOTALLY! Rate + Comment. While I create this story, I will finish reading the series. Idk... if I should continue this?

Chapter 1

Meet My Family. DUH. Basically, Introduction XD

Well. I grew up mostly around my neighbors, Lovegoods and the Weasleys more than my family. Let me get this straight, my family are good for nothing rich snobby people who happened to be friends with the Malfoys. My sisters Lindsey, Alex, and Maggie are all fat who go to Beauxbatons. Pfft, usually girls who go to Beauxbatons are beautiful. My sisters are fat except for Melody, she was the one who was the favorite one in my family.

My brothers on the other hand, came from Durmstrang. I know. Strange, all of my siblings went to different Magical Schools. Big deal. Anyways, all of them are strong and hated the other siblings except me. Well, when I receive my own letter to a school, all of my siblings are either gonna have another year of school or graduate. My whole life I lived with magic. It was like I'd die without it. My mom considered me having a practice wand before I get my real wand. The practice wand was for anyone to use. So all of my shelves in my rooms are filled with spellbooks and many magic-related stuff. Behind my parents' backs, I read muggle books and listened to their music. It was much more entertaining than be friends with Malfoy Doofus my age.

My parents expect me to be exactly like Melody, I wasn't like the other sisters, I was skinny. It was like, here's your doll but you have to look like it and the personality to earn it. (IKR IT PROBABLY DOESN'T MAKE SENSE BUT BARE WITH ME)
I was the daughter that my parents hated. They always yell at me because I didn't like to be spoiled or that I don't eat to much. Look at my sisters, then look at me. Most of them are fat and pretty much spends their life inside their rooms. While me on the other hand wanted to have a life that doesn't involve a computer and a phone.

"Wingardium Leviosa"
I had to focus on holding the book that was on my shelf so I can let if fly to me.
It's about a foot away from my hand...... about 12 cm......
I lost so much focus that the book didn't went to my hand, but my face.
"Little Miss Moon practicing magic. What a first. Wouldn't you be hanging out with those traitors?"
I only knew who would say that.
"Why won't you go on your little toy rocketship and go fly to your little-so-called-Pigfarts?" I sneered back at him. (YES ITS AVPM!)
"I told you. ITS ON MARS!" yelled Draco.
I smirked. I knew its fake.
"Who let you in here, Malfoy?" I asked him
"Your parents let me in here."
Both of our parents believed that when we met we were going to fall in love or something. They'd do anything for us to fall in love like giving us what we want.
How stupid.

I grabbed my duffel bag and walked out the door.
Wow. I just noticed he used my first name.
Before I head out, I checked myself in the mirror. I inherited my family's looks. Pure black hair and flat nose from my father, and had my mom's light skin and deep golden eyes.
I heard a whisper from the corner.
"Bet you 20 bucks that while she's in school, she'll be dating Malfoy Doofus here."
I obviously knew it was Cameron and Johnny's famous bets.
"50 bucks and you'll do my chores for a week if she wont."
"DEAL" they both said in unison and they shook hands.

Ron's POV
I paced back and forth in my room thinking about how I should ask her which school she's going to. Its not like a big deal to anybody but me. What if she ends up dating Malfoy? I wasn't gonna let her do that. See, I had a huge crush on her when we were 7 when I first met her. Over the years, we grew out as like brothers and sisters. She had good bonds with the rest of the family as well.
I snapped out of this thought when Fred and George came into the room.

"Trying to look good in front of your girlfriend?" asked either one of them.
I still couldn't tell them apart even though I knew them ever since like forever.
I ignored them. I looked out of the window and saw a broom coming towards the burrow. Calypso.
I ran down as fast as I could so Ginny couldn't get there first. She was so happy to have another girl in the house. But Ginny reached the door first.
Calypso looked really pretty with her hand-me-down blue silk dress.
"Hi Ginny, Hi Ron."
"Hey! I've haven't seen you forever!" Ginny exclaimed as she hugged her.
"Sorry I was late, I had to deal with Malfoy Doofus. He barged in AGAIN."
I felt angry, but kept it inside me.
After we invited her in, we had a LONG conversation about our summer and that we are going to school soon.
I scratched the back of my neck. I do that when I'm nervous. Apparently, Calypso noticed that too.
"What's wrong?"
"I'm serious, or else I'm putting blue shampoo in your hair."
"What school are you going to?" I asked her
"Excuse me?"
"I mean like Beauxbatons, or somethin..."
"Honestly... I don't know. I hope it's Hogwarts, cause at Beauxbatons I have a bad reputation already."
"What kind of reputation?" the twins raised their eyebrows.
"Like a prankster. Cause once I labeled a mango and put it in the common room, and the label said for the Hottest. So, when the girls saw it, they basically fight over it. It was hilarious." (That part belongs to Percy Jackson..)Calypso proudly said as she high-fived the Weasley Twins.

"But really I'm serious." she said as she checked the time.
"Oh, its 8! Geez I have to go home, I'm late." she told us. Calypso stood and grabbed her bag full of mischievous pranks then kissed us on the cheeks.
I just stood there like an idiot. Shocked.

Calypso's POV:
I jumped on my broom then headed back to home. Then I saw my parents waiting for me.
"We need to talk."

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