You make the call!!!!

Chapter 1

Character Name Allusion I'm writing a story. However, I will not reveal it for a while, when it is done (may be a while), if I do reveal it....The little bit of the plot I can give you will help you understand the situation...
The character actually has the name (maiden) of Samantha Marie Carter. She's.....a hunter, I guess you could say. (Of what? I'm so nice to tell you of what ;)....) She encounters something that has a "nice" conversation to bring her down off her high horse. When he says goodbye, he calls her by a name, it has a meaning that she has to figure out what it means in reference to her. This is where you come in. I have done some research on girls names, narrowed some down with specific meanings I could use. Just, now I gotta figure out which one! Help!
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