Like Fire And Rain...(One Direction Fan-fic)

Like Fire And Rain...(One Direction Fan-fic)

Hope You Like It:))
Name: Xiomara Carlie De Leon
Name Pronounced: See-Oh-Mar-Uh
Nicknames: Xi, Xio, Mara
Age: 17
Looks: Light Brown Eyes, Wavy Dark Brown Hair, 5'3,
Ethnic: Hispanic
Hobbies: Dancing, Photography, Painting, Drawing, Singing, anything having to do with fine arts
There would be spanish words here and there!

Chapter 1

Moving!? You Must Be Crazy!

"What do you mean you're getting married?,"I asked my mother.
She's been dating this famous guy, Simon Cowell, for about two years, but I never thought it was serious!
"I'm getting married with Simon...he asked me last night,"she said grabbing Simon's hand. He was sitting right beside her, smiling big.
"Pero como le va-,"I started to ask in spanish, but she cut me off.
"You know that you're only allowed to speak english when Simon is here,"she said with a stern voice.
Since Simon doesn't understand spanish I can't speak it infront of him.
"But how are you going to do it? I mean, we live here in Florida, and he lives in the UK?,"I asked my question in english, rolling my eyes.
"Well...about see...,"she started going on without getting to the point.
"Just spill it!,"I said after a while.
"We're moving to London,"she spilled.
My mouth fell all the way to the floor, this can't be happening! I can't leave my life behind! I have my friends, family, boyfriend, and life here!.
"Qué? Estas loca!,"I exclaimed standing up. ( What? You are crazy! )
"Xiomara!,"she exclaimed.
"No, yo hablare en Español cuando yo quiera!....Ya sabe papi sobre esto?,"I asked her. ( No, I'm going to speak spanish whenever I wan to...does daddy know about this? )
"No, but he doesn't have to know,"she replied.
"Claro qué si! El es mi padre, tiene todo el derecho de saber!,"I replied throwing my hands in the air. ( Yes he does! He is my father, he has the right to know! )
"Well, I have custody, and if I say we are moving then we are moving!,"she exclaimed getting mad.
"No! I'm staying with papi!,"I exclamed right back.
"Eres menor de edad, y tu iras para donde yo vaya!,"she said completly losing it and speaking spanish. ( You are under age, and you will go to wherever I go )
"UGH!,"I exclaimed as I ran out of there.

"But papi, yo no me quiero ir, I wanna stay here with you!,"I told him as I cried into his shoulder.( I don't want to leave )
"I wish you could stay here, mija, but you can't,"he said hugging me.
I had ran to his house, which was three blocks away from mine. Why is life so unfair!
"Papi!,"I whinned like a little girl. Being daddy's little girl can spoil you sometimes.
"I'm sorry mija, but I promise I'll come visit,"he said.
"I'm going to miss you!,"I said through my tears,"I don't know why mom is doing this...and she's crazy if she thinks I'm going to see Simon as a dad, I already have one."
"Yes you do...don't ever forget that,"he replied as he held me tight.

Two Weeks Later
"Bye, amigis!,"said my best friend, Flor. She was one of the couple of friends that came to say goodbye.
"Bye....Las voy a extrañar mucho!,"I replied hugging all my girl friends. ( I'm going to miss all of you, a lot! )
"Same here...take care amigis,"she said pointing behind me.
I turn to see Jose, my boyfriend of three years, standing there, tears in his green eyes. I ran into his arms and he held me close.
"I'm going to miss you a lot!,"he said as he let go of me,"I'll try to come visit, I swear."
"Jose, why are we kidding each other? We both know that long distant relatioshipn don't work.,"I told him,"You te amo, con todo mi corazon, pero no te puedo dejar asi." ( / I love you with all my heart,/ but I can't leave you like this )
"I know, I just don't want to let you go completly,"he replied.
"Me either, but it has to be done,"I told him.
"It does, doesn't it?,"he asked with fake humor,"Maybe we can see each other again in the future?"
"You can count on that...but for now we both need to go our seperate ways...maybe you can go out with Aná,"I told him with a weak smile.
"If only she was you,"he said touching my nose.
"Xi we have to go!,"my mom called out. She was in the car with Simon, I rolled my eyes, but gave everybody a final goodbye.
"So, here's something I got you,"said my dad handing me a rectngularr box.
"What is it?,"I asked.
"Is something to remind you of your old man every time you look at it,"he said.
I opened it to see the locket I've always wanted. It's shape like camera, and it's amazing. I open it to see a picture of me and him, when I was five.
"Te quiero!,"I told him as I gave him one last hug. ( I love you. )
"I love you too, now go, before you're mother starts screaming,"he said as we parted.
"Sure...but you have to put on the necklace for,"I said as I handed it to him.
He smiled and did as he was told. Once it was on, I waved goodbye to everybody, got in the car, and left.
The whole car I stayed quiet, ignore my mom and Simon. Finally, they got the clue and shut up. I got my iPod touch out and put my gray headphones on. My favorite song blasted through the headphones, It Will Rain by Bruno Mars.

The airplane ride was the same, they talked to each other and I stayed quiet listining to my iPod, mainly Bruno Mars.
When we got down my mom had enough of my silent treatment and took away my iPod. Which only made me more upset, she knows that I need my music.
"Xiomara, you'll love it here!,"my mom exclaimed after a while,"You'll have your own studio for photography, and dancing."
"How about my friends?,"I asked mad.
"You can make new ones,"replied Simon for her.
"And what about Jose?,"I asked glaring at him.
"You can meet someone else..,"my mom started to say.
"Oh, please don't start!,"I cut her off.
"Just give this place a chance,"she said.
"I don't have another choice...but as soon as I graduate high school I'm moving back to Florida,"I told her.
"I won't be able to stop you there...but you still have about a year left,"she quickly replied in a stern voice.
"And I'm counting every single day 'til I get out of here,"I replied letting myself fall backwards into my seat.

The house was nice, I won't lie, but I miss my old one. It wasn't much compare to this one, but I miss the little old thing.
"So, today Simon is going to take us shopping for your dress,"said my mom.
Well, the wedding was a few days away and I was the maid of honor. I didn't want to attend, but she is my mother, and he does make her happy, I just have to suck it up.
"Does he have to come?,"I asked.
"Xiomara!,"she exclaimed getting angry.
"I'm kidding,"I wasn't,"And I'm going to chose my dress right, you're not? And what color does it have to be?"I asked her.
"Yes, you can chose it, and purple, pink, or blue,"she replied.
"Great,"I said with fake excitment, not that she noticed.
"Hey, lovely ladies,"said Simon entering my room,"We are set to go."
"Okay, let me just get my purse,"I said as I stood up and went into the walk-in closet. I've always wanted one of this, but I never knew that I had to leave so much behind to ge one.

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