My Fourth Messege

This kind of set me on fire and I would like to share it with you.

Chapter 1

My stuggle with $x and what it has done to me

I'm just going to come out with this because it's the only way my latest story will make sense:

I am a lesbian.

I told this to a man whos name I will not reveal and he just blatently judged me. Like all the other people I've known and thought I loved. Now why does the world feel like the word "gay", "lesbian", or "bi" is a horrible one? Because it's DIFFERENT. A lot of people fear things that are not new to them. Fear can lead to anger hence judgment and ridicule. People aren't comfortable with difference.

I've noticed something. Many men I've met think being gay is a horrible thing. But being lesbain on the other hand seems to be alright. But why? Because it suits their needs.

Now I know not all men are like this but every male I've ever met has been rude, mean, nasty, and only wanted my body. I'm sure a lot of girls can relate to being wanted for the body, not for them. I'm not judging males for I ALWAYS give them a chance, but I just have grown less fond of them.

Now I will move on to a very sensitive subject that I will ask you not to comment on if you have something mean or spiteful to say. Religon. I have had MANY people say that I am not loved by god and that I'm going to hell because of who I am. But yet when I go to church every sunday I get the messege that God LOVES EVERYONE. Now I'm still deciding on God at this point but I will argue with that. If God loves everyone then why am I going to h!ll because I am lesbian? Am I completely different person now because you found out who I am? Feel free to defriend me for being the way I am. Just know I'M LESBIAN AND I'M PROUD TO BE ONE!

Now this is one thing that everyone find outrageus but if you read My Third Messege you'd understand. I very much hate $x. But is that REALLY SUCH A BAD THING? If my minds off s!x then I can focus on what really matters. The heart. I've known people who are addicted to p!rn. And it is SOOOO sad to see the waste their lives on such a thing. $x shouldn't be our only focus and I dare say I shouldn't be our foucs at all until marrige.

Now it's ok to think that guy or girl is really cute or pretty. I think that pleanty myself. But there is a fine line between that and to much. In my abusive relashionship my boyfriend tried to force phone $x on me many times. Thankfully he was unsucssesful each time. He sent me pictures of himself and riduculed me for deleting them. It wasn't fun. Thankfully I got the strength to get out of it.

I DO NOT THINK that all men are like this. I know that there are good men out there but I just haven't met one.

What my four main points are with this messege are:
1. Focus on love, not $xual ambitions
2. I am a lesbian and proud to be one
3. It is wrong to judge people based on $xual orietnation regardless of what your religon dictates

Before I close let me ask you all one question...

Am I a different person now that you know I'm lesbian?


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