Strong Enough (A Spencer Reid Love Story)

Strong Enough (A Spencer Reid Love Story)

I love Criminal Minds! It's such an amazing show. I love all the characters but Reid is my favorite. I can never get enough of this show. It's so cool. So I decided to create my own story with Spencer having a love interest. I hope you like it. Please rate and comment :).
Name: Jenna Evans
Age: 24
Eyes: Baby Blue
Hair: Wavy Black
Skin Tone: Light Tan
Job: Famous Actress
Best Friend: Jennifer Jareau (J.J.)

Chapter 1

Cancelation (Jenna's P.O.V)

"I'm sorry, Jenna, I thought you said the twenty-first." My manager, Keith Lyon, apologizes over the phone. "Yeah, right. Keith, I told you I wanted the eleventh free to see J.J.! We made these plans a month ago." I yelled into the phone. I was sitting in my car by office of the BAU. "I'm sorry but they specifically asked for you to audition tomorrow. We need to leave now if we are going to get there on time." He says, his voice full of seriousness. "Well, maybe you should have thought of that before you made the audition!" I hiss before hitting the End button. I open the door to my car and slid out. I walk toward the office. I open the door quickly and try to look for J.J.
I run smack into someone, knocking me over. He spills his coffee all over me and the file he was holding goes flying. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry. I should have being watching where I was going." He apologizes as he gathers his paper. "It's ok, I wasn't paying attention." I say, standing up. I pull off my t-shirt, leaving me in my sports bra. "Uhh...umm....I'm Dr. Spencer Reid but you d...don't have to call me Dr." He says, clearly uncomfortable. "Spence, I know who you are." I say but then realize I've never met him face to face. I've only heard of him through my best friend, J.J. "You do?" He asks me. I broke eye contact and stared at the ground. "I meant I've heard about you." I said, my face probably turning crimson. "Heard of me?" He repeated, trying to meet my gaze. I didn't look up at him. "...Yeah from J.J." I say, pushing a stray hair from my face. "Are you, by any chance, Jenna Evans?" He asked, studying me for a long moment. "Yeah, I am." I reply, finally meeting his gaze. "Oh wow. I've heard a lot about you." He says, running his hand through his shoulder length, shaggy hair. It looked so soft. I wonder what it would feel like if I ran my fingers through his hair. "I assume you're looking for J.J.?" He asked, snapping my out of my thoughts. "What? Oh, yeah." I smiled. "She's in the Conference Room. Come on." He said walking passed me. He led me to the Conference Room where J.J. and others were. "Hey, J.J." I said at the door. Everyone glanced up at me. A few faces showed shock and then immediately looked down. "Jenna!" J.J. said standing up. Her expression showed shock like the others. I glanced down, I had completely forgotten I was standing there in a sports bra. I put my hands down to cover my bare stomach. "Um, I'm sorry. J.J., please tell me you have an extra shirt." I asked, my facing retuning it to it's crimson color. "Yeah, I do." J.J. said, grabbing my hand and pulling me into the other room. She grabbed a tank top from her desk and handed it to me. "Thanks." I said pulling it on. "Now why did you come here shirtless?" J.J. asked, crossing her arms. "Well, I had a shirt on at first but then I ran into Spence and he spilled his coffee on me. So I just pulled my shirt off." I rambled on. J.J. chuckled and then said "Ok. Here's a better question. What are you doing here?" It took me a minute to remember why I was here. "Because my manager got me an audition for a movie, even though I told him to keep today free for us to get together, but he got the dates wrong and now I have to fly out tonight." I sigh disappointed. "I was just about to call you and ask for a rain check. We have to fly out to Nevada on a call about a series of child abductions." J.J. says before taking a deep breath. I know J.J. hates child abductions because it makes her worry about Henry. "When are you flying out?" I ask her. "In twenty minutes." J.J. said glancing at her watch. "Do you mind if I ride with y'all? I think I'll hurt Keith if I ride with him." I laugh. "I'll ask Hotch but don't get you're hopes up." J.J. says turning on her heel. "I'll call Keith." I said pulling out my phone and dialing his number. My thoughts keep reverting back to Spencer. His stunning brown eyes, his messy hair, and the way he talked. J.J. says he's socially awkward but she never mentioned how cute he is.
And boy, is he cute.

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