I (Don't) Care

I (Don't) Care

Bullying is too common today. It has always been too common. I don't know why it doesn't stop. But I still believe that it can.

Chapter 3


Riley's POV

"Excuse me!!" I say, pushing through the crowd in the commons. Not that I should actually have to aplogize. It's waaaaaaaay their fault that they're in my way. Geesh.

"Like LOL Riley!! Did you see Tasha Bens this morning? My butt feel off from laughing!!" Taylor smiles giganticly at me.

"Ha!!" Taylor's smile grows wider. I'm suprised that's even possible.

"Oh, Rennae!!" I say waving. Taylor looks at me like "wth are you doing talking to that freak?"

"Taylay, remember who she is, right? Captain of the volleyball team.........." She seems to get it. I'm collecting votes. I will win prom queen. No one else deserves it, trust me.

"Oh, Lillia!!!" I wave her over. I turn back to Taylor. "Beauty won't win it for me. Gotta work!!"

I only undermining my looks because Taylor's a little too.......... chipmunking. The bright pink blush does NOT help. Still, she's Captain of the Dance Team. Connections are a #1.

"Lilis, good morning!!!" Lillia secretly scares me. Like she'll see my inner lameness. Plus, she's prettier. I guess I keep my competion close. Anyway, she's kinda geeky in a way. Sings all the time. I look her over. "Er.......... nice skirt." I give her a tight smile. She looks away. Who wears that kinda stuff. People with problems, I guess.

Out of the corner of my eye I spot Lame Laney. I snort at what she's wearing. It's short season, der.

Am I the only one who knows that what you wear is who you are? I head toward her, but one thought makes me hesitate......

Who am I again?

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