I (Don't) Care

I (Don't) Care

Bullying is too common today. It has always been too common. I don't know why it doesn't stop. But I still believe that it can.

Chapter 26


Riley's POV

Things are different now. I'm not saying they're perfect, I'm just saying they're better. It's amazing what happens when you try.

Laney and I are friends now. Not close friends, but it's still a start. She's amazing for forgiving me.

She even convinced me to try to mend my relationship with my family. We've been seeing the same therapist she goes to. He's really nice.

Most Friday's we go out, Charlie and Laney and Ben and I. Ben is really nice, and I'm starting to like him. I trust him.

People at school treat me differently too. They aren't afraid of me. They respect me. And I can say the same. I'm not afraid of rejection anymore. It's amazing.

When I walk through the halls and see Kristie, who still bullies many girls, pulling her crap, I always say something:

"Think about what you're doing. Because you have no idea what it means."

I pray for change. For everyone.

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