I (Don't) Care

I (Don't) Care

Bullying is too common today. It has always been too common. I don't know why it doesn't stop. But I still believe that it can.

Chapter 2

Just Another Day

by: Carrie_
Rachel's POV

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The sound of my alarm clock woke me up. I stretched and changed my clothes. I braided my light brown hair into a side braid and put on my black rimmed glasses. I looked in the bathroom mirror. My green eyes match my green cardigan. I sighed. I thought I looked ok but Kristy Snow probably doesn't. She makes fun of my clothes everyday. No one else notices me. Except for my best friend, Nicolas Black. He's been my friend ever since kindergarten and he never made fun of me. He was the best. Kristy is terrible. She is really mean. Not just me but to everyone. Everyone who was different. Everyone who wasn't like her. My thoughts were interrupted by my mom. "Rachel! Come downstairs and have some breakfast!" she shouted. "Coming!" I looked in the mirror one more time. Why can't Kristy realize we're all different? We're not the same? I asked myself. Why? That is going to bother me.....

I headed downstairs and made myself breakfast. I had some cereal and strawberries. I sat down at the kitchen table with my mom and dad. My mom was eating some scrambled eggs and my dad was reading the newspaper and eating some toast and coffee. I was an only child but I didn't mind. A few minutes later, Nick came in the back door and said good morning to everyone. My parents didn't mind he came over. He was practically family to us. I looked out the window. It was a nice day today. The sun was out, birds singing, nice weather. I wished it can be like this everyday. At school, its like a lightning storm. Dark, cloudy, rainy, and mucky. I shook my head. School is a disaster.

"Hey, you ready for school?" Nick asked me. "Yeah I guess so." I grabbed my purple backpack on the counter and we went out the front door and walked to school. I lived pretty close to school, just a few blocks away. Nick lived on the street next to mine. I hope things will be different today. But I don't want to get my hopes up. Today is just another day.

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