I (Don't) Care

I (Don't) Care

Bullying is too common today. It has always been too common. I don't know why it doesn't stop. But I still believe that it can.

Chapter 1

The Worst Days

Laney's POV

The first thing I hear when I wake up is the sound of my eyelashes scraping against the soft yellow quilt. Sometime during the night my head must have slid off the pillow.

I stretch out and yawn. Oh joy, a brand new day. I can barely wait.

As if.

"UGGHHH" I say really loudly, because I want my parents to know I'm up. And that I'm not particularily enjoying the fact. Maybe I could stay home?

Dreaming on.

I pull myself out of bed and go through my morning routine stuff like the zombie I am at six in the morning.


Once I'm ready I trudge into the kitchen. I pratically growl at my little sister Laurel and reach for a box of cereal when suddenly I see.........

Oh. My. Gosh.

Are those waffles really in my house??!!

"Waffles!!!" I say and slide over the table. I grab one out of the toaster and literally hug it. It's only a little smushed. Then I eat it.

The highlight of my day turns out to be those waffles.

I drive my sisters Layton and Laurel to school. Yes, my parents are one of those weird couples who decided to name their children so that the first intial is the same.

Parents somtimes. head shake

My sisters and I don't really look or act alike. I'm tallish with bronze wazes and light blue eyes. Laurel is tiny and willowy with whiteish hair and green eyes. Layton is medium height with dark eyes and hair. Laurel is solemn, and I am weird, and Layton is sporty.

It's okay though. Gotta love the Munchkins.

My little blue Civic climbs dutifully up the hill. I drop them off at the elementary/middle school because Laurel is in fourth grade and Layton is in eighth. At least they have been spared from high school so far.

I will totally rue the day they start ninth grade.

My tye-dye jacket and capris are pretty unassuming, so I pretty much look like another carrot in the blender. Of life. But apparently my soul is like a piece of chicken in a fresh fruit smoothie........... I had a waffle, why am I so hungery?

I walk up the ugly steps (what do they call that color anyway?) and prepare for another day. Breathe in. Out. Whoa, my breathe smells like waffles.

Oh man. This is gonna suck. I hate Riley. I just wanna....... shake my fist at her. Nmunm):

Somebody wanna help me? No would be a good time.

Ugh unn, school!

Welcome to one of the Worst Days.

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