The Broken Hearted Little Girl

Don't be too excited, I'm not an author or anything, but this story is one of my favorite dreams. It's not that good, but it was interesting to me. If I get comments on my first chapter I will keep adding the rest of the story. Don't judge to harshly, but constructive help is always needed.

Chapter 1

The Beginning of Her Life The Introduction and 1st Grade

This is a story about a boy and a girl. This isn’t an ordinary love story though. This story is almost twisted, because of their ages. There was a little girl who was starting a new school, and a little boy with the same fate. They didn’t realize though when they went to school that what happened would happen.

She was six years old. She was headed to her new school, because before school started, she had to take a tour of it, so she knew where everything was, and didn’t have to be confused. She got there without knowing or caring about what would happen next. She was ambitious and ready to succeed. She entered and saw a boy. She saw him as a geek. He was wearing Dinosaur pajamas, and had these big brown eyes. He had short brown hair, and even though she didn’t know it at the time, he was going to be her best friend. She hung out with him all day, and didn’t see continuing the friendship. She didn’t know what he thought that day, and never will, but she will never forget how she felt. He made her smile, even though she wasn’t planning on being friends with him.

Once school started, she met a girl, this girl was her friend. She hung out with her at school a lot for the first couple of days, and then she found herself around the boy again. They all ended up being close friends by the end of the year. But at the end of the year her best friend Lucie had to move. She was moving to Seattle as soon as school ended. This made all three of them very upset. The boy and the girl both planned to hide in Lucie’s suitcase, and have Lucie take them with her. Of course, that didn’t happen, and Lucie moved, leaving both the boy and the girl back in their hometown. They didn’t speak at all during the summer, which made sense I guess considering they were in first grade.

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