The Girl Next Door (A Darry Curtis Love Story)

This story is based off the line in the intro 2 My Babysitters a Vampire(that show is so annoying, my bros r addicted 2 it!!) its the 1 thats like, 'shes the grl next door, nice but not in a heart thats pure'. so u kno, a clue to the story!!!

Chapter 3


"Darry, the pretty lady and her brothers are here!!" Two-bit yelled from the living room. The whole gang was gathered in there, watching Mickey.
I put the chocolate cake in the oven and walked into the living room.
Alexis had answered the door and was introducing us all.
"You know Darry, and these are his younger brothers, Sodapop and Ponyboy."
Jenna, dressed in a pale yellow shirt with soft waves of hair framing her face, laughed and said,"Amazin' names. Your parents musta been real original."
Ponyboy and Sodapop nodded at her, but I could tell they were slightly taken aback by the comment.
"This is Steve, Soda's best friend, and Johnny, Pony's best friend. The drunken fellow right here is Two-bit." Two-bit waved his beer at her and ended up sloshing it all over his shirt, and she smiled at them all.
"This a** here is my boyfriend, Dally. Ignore everything he says, it isn't true. And I'm Alexis."
Jenna smiled brightly. "Nice to meet you, these are my brothers, Jonah and Noah."
Pony and Johnny waved Noah over, and he sat quietly next to them. Jonah leaned up coldly against the wall, face brooding.
"So, Jenna, do you like Mickey?" Two-bit asked.
"He's pretty good, but I've always preferred anything Alfred Hichcock meself."
"Oh, like Psycho? That ones pretty good. I like the shower scene."
Jenna laughed. "Of course ya do."
We sat haphazardly around the living room, everyone sitting whereever comfortable. Dally and Lexi were arguing about god knows what, Pony, Noah, and Johnny were discussing Gone with the Wind,Two-bit was passed out drunk, Jonah somehow amnaged to eat broodenly, and me, Jenna, Steve, and Sodapop were talking.
Well, Steve and Soda were interrogating Jenna, and I was watching.
"So, ya drink?"
"Only the hard stuff."
"Ya like Elvis?"
"Do you have to actually ask that question?"
"Ya like going to the drive in movies?"
"Yes, but I haven't been since high school."
"Ya been in rumbles?"
Her she paused for a moment, then replied quietly, "Yes, more then care to remember."
"Ya ever been jumped?"
"There have been attempts." For a second I thought I saw a little twist to her lips and heard pride in her voice, but it was gone as soon as it came."
"You smoke?"
"Ya drag race?" This question came from Steve.
A full out grin broke out on her face. "I can kick anyone's a*** in that."
Their faces broke out in mischivious smiles. "We gotta race against some Socs at 10 tomorrow night. Be their to prove your stripes, girl."
She returned their mischivious grin and winked at me.
That night, as washed the dishes and got ready for bed, I had the strangest fluttering feeling in my chest and could hardly contain the smile that broke out on my lips.

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