The Girl Next Door (A Darry Curtis Love Story)

This story is based off the line in the intro 2 My Babysitters a Vampire(that show is so annoying, my bros r addicted 2 it!!) its the 1 thats like, 'shes the grl next door, nice but not in a heart thats pure'. so u kno, a clue to the story!!!

Chapter 2

Jenna Racheal Kelly

K, so evry chap is goin 2 have a random(ish) awesometastic quote!!!!
All things splendid have been achieved by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance.
-Bruce Barton
Jenna Racheal Kelly considered herself a fighter, someone stronger than the things that happened around her. She considered herself a thinker, a planner, a person with determination at her core. She considered herself a soldier.
But as she glared up at her younger brother, her resolve began weaken. Nothing had gone right since the mission in Marako.
As Jonah and her stood head-to-head, she didn't show any sign of backing down in this fight. But inside, as she had every time since she'd become the legal guardian of her two brothers and Jonah had acted out, Jenna felt her confidence slouch a little and wished for a whole lot of tequila and for some sense for her dumba** brother.
Jenna mentally crushed down her anxiety and poked her brother hard in the chest.
"You are gonna repeat your senior year, because if you can't make money, then you can't have a future!!!!! You need a diploma to do anythin' that brings you a constant income, and I need you to help me!!!! Please!"
Jonah clenched his jaw and glared at me. "I don't need to. I don't want to, so why should I?"
"Because I told you to, d*** it!!"
"Oh **** that Jenna!!! You don't have any authority over me!"
I put on my blank officer-in-charge face and used the voice that used to frighten the h*** outta any soldier under my command on a mission. "I'm your legal guardian, and you will listen to what I say, or so help me god, I will chop off your balls and feed them to you."
He stomped off to his room, dark eyes flashing, and his face, so much like our father's, screwed up in anger. I took a deep breathe and rolled my shoulders. Walking out onto the front porch through the small living room, I took a deep breath of the humid evening air and rested against the supporting beams.
I caressed the chain of my necklace and closed my eyes.
You, little lady, are a fire cracker.
Frank's voice and face popped into my head, grinning and sweet. His blonde hair windswept and his brown eyes promising trouble. I remembered his voice, rough and raspy from years of smoking.
A voice spooked me out of my brooding.
"Beautiful evening, eh?"
I spun around and my body tensed up, ready to fight. There stood Darry from next door, a tool belt around his waist.
My muscles relaxed slightly.
"Yes. Reminds me of Arizona a bit."
"You okay? I heard yelling."
I put on my brave face. "Well, Jonah can be pretty hard headed. He won't go back and redo his senior year. I hate yellin' but I don't know anyother way to get to him."
He stepped onto the porch. "You always fight with the people you're supposed to take of. I still fight with Ponyboy, thoguh it's gottin' better, I still want to knock sense into him sometimes."
I made a soft agreeing sound in my throat and changed the subject.
"Ya been fixin' somethin'?" I asked, gesturing to his tool belt.
"Roofing houses. That's how I make my living."
I nodded.
"Where's Noah?"
I sighed. "He took off after dinner, as soon as the words started flyin'."
Darry frowned and leaned around me looking down the street. I caught a whiff of the musky man smell and wood scent on his skin and ignored the way my mouth went a little dry at his closeness.
"He should't be out so late at night. Socs might get him."
"Forgot you didn't grow up here. Socs are the rich kids from uptown. They like to jump greasers-us people who look like we're gonna have to work when we grow up."
I frowned. " Noah is defenseless against even a fly, and wouldn't hurt one even if he could. I shoud go lookin' for 'em."
Noah rounded the corner just then, and headed up the street toward us. I breathed a sigh of relief as I watched his tall, gangly frame, with his messy blonde hair and innocent blue eyes, walk up the sidewalk. I was suddenly struck by both his youngness, and his elderliness(that is an akward sentence).
"Well, I guess he's fine. You should warn him though, tell him to be careful."
Darry turned to walk off the porch to his house then turned back. "You guys wanna come over for dinner on Thursday? You guys can meet the gang, and Noah can make friends with Ponyboy and Johnny, he'll like them. They can help him out at school, show him the ropes, and who to avoid."
I didn't know who Johnny was, but since Ponyboy was Darry's brother, he couldn't be awful.
Plus, dinner. And no way I could say no to those soft, brown eyes Darry had.
"I'll bring dessert and alchol." Darry laughed and jogged away.
Noah strode up the stairs slowly and glanced curiously at Darry's retreating form.
I grabbed his arm as he opened the door. Looking him in the eye, (god, when had he gotten as tall as me?), I gave him Darry's warning and told him about the dinner invitation.
Noah nodded then turned to go in again. On impulse, I wrapped my arms around him, and whispered, "I'm sorry."
I felt him nod and pull away. "I know you are sis."
Once he was inside, I stared at the night settling around me and took a deep breathe again.
I rubbed the wrinkles in my forehead (and the memories) away.
This chapter is more a filler

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