The Girl Next Door (A Darry Curtis Love Story)

This story is based off the line in the intro 2 My Babysitters a Vampire(that show is so annoying, my bros r addicted 2 it!!) its the 1 thats like, 'shes the grl next door, nice but not in a heart thats pure'. so u kno, a clue to the story!!!

Chapter 1

The Girl Next Door

ok, so even tho i should b wrkin on my dally love story AND my draco love story, I CANNOT GET THIS IDEA OUTTA MY HEAD!!!!!!!! so yep. it takes me 4eva 4 me 2 write stories. i apologize 2 my readers
There was a commotion in the neighborhood. In a neighborhood where most of the houses were vacant, or the families living in them had been there for over ten years, a new occupant was rare. So, when a young woman, a ruffled, moody, frowning, 17 year-old, and a gangly looking teen pulled up to the house next to the Curtis's, all of their future neighbors spied from their windows, extremely curious (or extremely annoyed that their afternoon drowning-our-sorrows-in-liqour ritual had been interrupted).
Next door to the pale yellow-paneled, slightly run down house, five curious faces looked out the window and watched as a long-legged woman opened the door on the back of the U-haul attached to her sleek, black 1967 Chevrolet Impala.
Darrel Curtis stepped out onto the porch from the kitchen, where he'd been making dinner, and watched as the woman unlocked the front door of the long vacant house, and began to carry boxes in. He couldn't see her clearly due to the fading light, but there was something about the straightness of her back, and the determined set of her jaw that interested him.
When Jenna Kelly lost control of the twin mattress she was trying to heft up the porch steps, it went tumbling towards the dirt flower beds, only to be caught by an rough, strong hand.
She glanced up to look at the man. He had strong, hard features, chocolate brown eyes, and dark, short hair that she wouldn't mind running her fingers through.
Instead of doing such, or squeezing one of his muscled arms that looked so glorious it would make angels weep, she smiled up at him.
"You just saved me two hours of tryin' to get dirt outta a matress."
Darry took in her wide, green, doe-like eyes and dark lashes. She had brown hair with a soft gold tint, and it was in two braids that fell over her shoulders, giving a soft, sweet, innocent look to her. Pale pink lips smiled up at him, revealing dimples and a winning smile. Her voice had a soft southern accent.
"You could've used a vacuum." He pointed out.
She laughed, a warm and light sound. "Smart. Are ya in the neighborhood?"
He pointed out his house and this girl smiled again. "I'm Jenna. I'm just movin' up from Arizona. My brothers are in the car, passed out. We left this mornin'."
Darry grinned at her. It was a blinding smile, that relaxed his whole face and seemed to make the crease of worry in his brow disappear. "I got two younger brothers, Sodapop and Ponyboy. Our parents died in a car crash about two years ago."
Jenna smiled sadly at him. "Our parents were killed 'bout four months ago."
"Good luck with the boys then."
She laughed, and silently thanked him for not saying, 'I'm sorry.'
"You need help moving in, I've got five boys in my house, they're available."
"Thought ya only had two brothers."
"Well," he smiled, "two of the other ones basically lives in my house, and the other is sweet enough to help."
"I'm not gonna deny a bit o' help, but I think I only need you, muscleman."
The little smile she sent his way hit somewhere strainght in his heart.
that, once again, sucked.
btw, this story is set 1 yr and a half after the book, so evry1 is a yr older. (and dally is with alexis, hope that doesnt spoil my other story, bcause, i only wirte happy endings)

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