My Friend Needs Help (Bad) !!!

Please try and help, IDk what to say! D;

Chapter 1

We'll here is the problem

Here is her message and I quote.

"Well my friend called Leanne likes me as more than a friend and has always wanted to be like me. About a month ago she self harmed and I asked her why and she said cause I do it and that it's not a big deal and I told her that it is a big deal and she shouldn't do it just because I do it and that it's very serious and dangerous and she promised me that she would never do it again. Today I found out that she's done it again and she's copied me with how she did it and everything. The only thing that's different is where she's done it. It's quite deep and she's done it from her wrist right down to her elbow ontop of her arm so that she's only just missed the veins. She used a pen lid and it looks like she's scratched it and carried on until it's gone deep. I never told her about my self harming or how I did it or anything. She must have been listening in to me and my social worker about just over a month ago. I've told her that she needs to go to the doctors but she won't. She said that she wants to be like me. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to make her see sense or anything. I feel like it's all my fault. I mean maybe if I didn't do it then she wouldn't do it and I guess I didn't hide my scars very well. I just want to help her and make her see sense but I don't know how to do that or what to do."

Not good huh? My friend is going through a serious bad chapter in her life causing her to self harm, now she has a girl wanting to be with her who thinks it is cool to self harm like she does. I have told her to tell that girl that it is not good, and it is not something you want to get into, and that she is straight and does not want to go out with her. She has told the girl all the advice I gave her, but from what I have heard she is very clingy and stubborn and does not listen.

What should I tell her?


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