Special Agent Kaitlyn Black (A Criminal Minds Love Story Fanfic)

Name: Kaitlyn Black
Job: Cop at Dallas Police Station in Texas
Appearance: Curly black hair, tiny figure, palish, brown eyes, and nice smile
Personality: Very nice, smart, quiet

Chapter 1

Calling the BAU

Miranda Valeroy shook her head at the new crime scene. It was the third women they have found dumped in the woods with her heart cut out. She was hoping it was just two random killings but now she knew it was a serial killer and her team was going to need help.
The Dallas Police Department was no big shot agency with special criminologists, but her small team of the best cops she had did solve a lot of hard crimes.
In their office sat Johnny Spenders, a big jock with and ego, Carl Leeson, a detective that had a keen eye, and Miranda's favorite, Kaitlyn Black, the youngest and smartest person in their whole department.
Miranda picked up the phone and dialed the D.C. number for the BAU. "Hello, Special Agent Hothner?" She said in her strong southern accent. "Yes, this is Miranda Valeroy from the Police Department in Dallas. We have a serial killer and we need your help." She paused as noises came from the other side of the phone. "Oh thank you. See you soon."
Then her and her team returned to the case.

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