I AM BACK i wonder if anyone remembers me.....

Chapter 1


I AM BACK! Omg I haven't been on in ''forever.'' Who remembers me? Haha i remember all of youuuuuu. I have been so busy! Band band and more band so here's just a little update on the new me! Um I'm going into the eighth grade! Woo! I am a new person haha. I admit I am in love with One Direction. Liam is totally my favorite :) I still love Harry Potter. I'm still writing and I'm writing more than ever right now. I've been pretty stressed and almost commited suicide. But then 1D saved my life (heart haha). What else. Hm. I'm gonna go through my messages but feel free to message me and catch up with me! I'm even more nicer! Haha love y'all! And I'm happy to finally be back on :)


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