Another World (One Direction Love Story)

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Chapter 44

Lulu's POV

"So, you want some tea?" I asked Liam as I came out of my room. I wanted to change into my PJ's.

"Yeah, sure," he called from the living room.

I went into the kitchen and started making the tea, I heard him turn on the TV. I stayed in the kitchen, waiting for the tea. As I waited I heard a knock on my door. Liam quickly said he would get it.

"What the hell are you doing here?"I heard a very familiar voice ask, which made me fast walk towads them.

"Not much, just hanging out with your girlfriend...she's making us tea,"Liam replied as I walked behind them, Louis seemed mad.

"Hey sweetie what are you doing here?"I asked as I pushed pass Liam.

"Just thought I would surprise my girl, but I see she's already got company,"he replied quite annoyed.

"Lou don't be jealous, come on in...I'm pretty sure that when Liam is finish with his cup of tea he will leave, and we will have the rest of the night for ourselves."

"Nah, I think I rather leave you two alone."

"Really Louis William Tomlinson?" I asked clearly mad now.

"Really,"he replied before walking away.

I slammed the door shut, I didn't want to watch him walk away. He's acting like such a child.

"Hey, I'll go talk to him,"said Liam guilty.

"No, leave him, if he wants to act like a child let him. He just better be prepared for the consequences."

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