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Chapter 3

Together Again

"Thank you" I said as Sheila and I left our morning meeting. I tugged on my skirt. I hated wearing stuff like this. I felt way too professional, which I guess was the idea for this meeting.

"Great job in there, Chloe! I have to say I was quite impressed." Sheila looked relieved as she spoke. Everything went perfectly and the movie was set to continue, with just one change: instead of having one hero in the movie, we would have a team. Apparently something happened with our original cast member last minute so there had been some script rewrites and new people being brought in. The male role was supposed to be a secret from the beginning for some odd reason, so now there would be multiple surprises.

Sheila handed me the newly edited scripts and I flipped through it, scanning over to see the changes. "Wait there are five new people?" I stopped and pointed to Male Lead #5's lines.

Sheila sighed. "Were you not listening in that meeting at all?" "Of course I was, but I didn't hear them say five. I was thinking two or three." "Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be fine." She said nonchalantly and continued down the hall, still speaking. "You have your fitting in an hour and as soon as you are done, you are to meet the new surprise cast members. Miss Hale will be meeting you there. After that, you are free to go."

I nodded and waved her off. She left to meet up with Lulu's manager. I entered my dressing room and immediately started stripping. I was ready to get into comfortable clothes. I would rather just walk around in nothing, but society (and my employers) frown upon that. I slipped on a fitted tank and some short and tight jean shorts.

As soon as I was out of that stuffy outfit, I grabbed the script and took a seat on my lounge chair. I started looking for lines between my character and the new male leads. Lulu was playing Female Lead #1 and in the original script had a bit of a romance with Male Lead #1. Since there were four more male leads I figured I probably would have a little something with Male Lead #2. I read until I found what I was looking for. I was right.

I checked the clock and it was time to leave for my bodysuit fitting. I put my script aside and slipped on my old converse. I always got in trouble with my publicist about wearing tattered items, but these were my favorites. They are just plain white canvas, but with writing in sharpie all over them. They are something special to me.

I walked down the well-known hallway to the tailor's room. I walked in without bothering to knock and James appeared from behind the wall of fabric. "Chloe! There is my favorite shining star!" We embraced and kissed each other on the cheeks. "Great to see you, James!"

"So I already have your measurements and have made the bodysuit. I just need to pin it up on you and make all finishing adjustments." He talked mostly to himself as he threw me the suit and left for me to change. After I slipped into it, I called for him to come back. "So how long is this going to take?"

"I will hurry, but you have to help me out, my dear." I sighed and held my arms up for him to start pinning it. It didn't take long before I was back into my normal clothes. "Thanks, James! See you later!" "Oh before I forget, Sheila told me to have you call her." "Ugh!" "Goodbye Miss Morgan!" "Bye"

I barely got the last word out before I shut the door behind me. I instantly called Sheila. "Hello?" "What now?" "Hello, Chloe. Thank you for calling me. I was afraid James would forget to tell you." "Can we please speed this up? I'm on my way to see the surprise cast." "That is actually what I need to talk to you about. The full cast and crew are having a get together right now in the red lounge. Lulu is there now. The surprise cast should be there in about half an hour. Go there and once you have greeted everyone, you are free to go." "Awesome. Thanks" "And Chloe..." "What?" "Make sure you are on time and sober by Wednesday rehearsal. This producer will not be as understanding as the last few." "I promise I will follow all of the rules when I am here." "Good. Ok then, have fun and I will see you early Wednesday morning. Call me if you need anything and try to stay out of the news." "Bye, Sheila."

She hung up and I slipped my phone into my back pocket. These clothes would not do for partying tonight. I decided to see what my stylist was up to. I knocked on the door before walking in. "Derek?" He looked up from an outfit he was working on. "Yes?"

He looked skeptical. I didn't figure he would give me clothes to party in since he knew they would be trashed, but I needed something stunning. Tonight was my first night on the town with Lulu here, and it had to be special. "I am meeting the full cast and crew, along with the surprise five and I cannot wear this." "When do you need it by?" "Kind of like now"

I winced a bit, not ready to be turned down. "You want me to put an amazing outfit together instantly?" "Well I figured you would have something for me" I said, eyeing an orange dress in the back of his office. He sighed and looked me in the eyes for a few seconds before replying. "I thought you might want something to party in tonight." He walked back and grabbed the dress I saw along with heels and a few other things. "Thank you so much, Derek!" "Let's get you ready so you can meet the cast." I practically bounced back to where he was and he helped me into the dress and accessories.

I looked in the mirror. "This is awesome!" "Glad you like it. Now get out there and amaze everyone!" He smiled as he gently pushed me towards the door. With a wave, I hurried down the hall to the red lounge. I neared the doors and I could hear a steady murmur. I opened them to find the lounge full of people.

"Miss Morgan! It is a pleasure to meet you!" An older lady that was playing a small role approached me, beaming. I stayed and chatted with her for a short while before excusing myself to find Lulu. I glided through the room, scanning for the familiar blonde hair. Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me that made me smile.

"Is that the Chloe Morgan? I wish I was bff's with her!" I turned to face her and she continued. "Oh wait, I am!" "Lulu!" "Chloe!" We hugged and then separated to compliment each other on outfits. "It's so good to see you again!" "I know! You too! I'm thrilled that we get to work together for the next few months!"

We caught up for a while before we decided that we should mingle a bit, but together, of course. As we were walking through the room, I leaned towards her. "So as soon as we meet the surprise cast, I'm free. Are you?" "Yeah. Why?" "Want to hit the town?" "On my first night here?" "What better way to show you London?" "I don't know, Chloe..." She trailed off.

"Look we won't do anything too crazy, just have some fun." I tried to play it down, but I was dying for a night on the town. "We have two very different ideas of fun." She looked insecure, but I pressed. "I'm pretty sure cute boys are universal fun." We laughed. "I suppose that's true."

"Yes! We can find a few to take us before we leave. Maybe even the surprise actors!" I clapped, excitedly. She quit laughing and pointed at me. "But I'm not sleeping with anyone." "Kill joy." I retorted with a sly smile. She couldn't help but return it. Then, management started hushing us. We turned our attention to the director.

"You all are aware that we have five actors joining our cast. It is now my pleasure to introduce to you Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles!" As he named them, they appeared, waving. I smiled to myself. They would definitely do.

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