Another World (One Direction Love Story)

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Chapter 2

Lulu Hale

"So, Miss. Hale, is it true that tomorrow you'll be leaving the American soil and be in England to film a new movie, Someone Like Me?,"asked Magie, and MTV producer.
I was in an interview to promote my new movie.
"Yes, it's true,"I replied with a sweet smile.
"And that your co-star will be Cloe Morgan?,"she asked.
"Also true,"I replied.
"Now, how do you feel working with her again?,"she asked,"I know you've worked with her before, but do you think her wild life will cause problems on set?"
"Well, I'm actually very excited to work with her again,"I replied with the truth,"We've became best friends, and she's such an amazing actress! And am I worry that her life style will cause problems? No, not all. Cloe is a proffesional and I'm pretty sure she'll leave her problems aside for this movie."
The interview continued, mostly about what the movie was about. Once it was done I signed some autographs.
"Hey sweetie, what's your name?,"I asked a four year old, she was the last one.
"Lily,"she replied with a sweet smile.
"That's a very pretty name,"I told her signing a picture of me.
"Thank you...I like your name,"she replied with a shy smile.
"Awwe thank you,"I replied handing her the picture back.
"May I have a hug?,"she asked.
"Of course!,"I exclaimed as I hugged her. She waved goodbye and left.
"Come on, we need to get you to the airport do you can get on the private jet plane,"said my manager, Mike.

"Okay, so, we arrive there, you're gonna go on to set, get ready, take the photo shoot, meet some of the other crew, and meet the surprise cast that will be making a huge appearance in the movie, then go over the lines,"said Mike.
"Okay, I'm ready,"I said as we landed.
My stuff were sent to my hotel, while I was rushed over to the studio, hoping to get all done.

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