Another World (One Direction Love Story)

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Chapter 1

Life of Cloe Morgan

I posed and waited for a few flashes before trying another. I wore this and held a small gun in my right hand. Today was a photoshoot for my new movie, Someone Like Me. After a few more poses and a million different pictures, the crew left and my manager Sheila called for me. "Nice work, Chloe! Those look fabulous!"

I smiled and dropped the fake gun on a nearby table. "Does this mean I get the night off?" I smiled and batted my heavy eyelashes. She just laughed.

"Not a chance. I would never be able to find you tomorrow!" I dropped the pleading look to argue.

"Come on! I always make it to wherever I need to be." She shook her head firmly. There was no changing her mind this time.

"No ma'am. You have a very important meeting at 8:00 and..." She droned on, but I tuned her out. She always got me where I needed to be when I needed to be there, so I wasn't concerned with knowing ahead of time. She kept talking as we walked back to my dressing room. I picked up a paper as we walked by the producer's office. It was a potential advert for Someone Like Me without any pictures on it. I looked it over.

"Someone Like Me
Don't miss out on this year's hottest action movie!
Starring Chloe Morgan and Spencer Lulu Hale!"

I threw it aside. Lulu was my co-star. She is an American actress. I have worked with her a couple of times before. We met when I went to America to shoot a film of which she was the star. We hung out a lot on set and now we are like best friends! We have kept in touch and when the producers said they needed another female lead, I instantly referred them to her. It was going to be great having her here in England with me!

We walked into my dressing room and I changed into my normal clothes while Sheila kept talking.

"Miss Hale will be here in the morning for her part of the photoshoot and then you will have time to catch up after your meetings and your fitting for your bodysuit."

"Do I really have to wear one of those hideous things?" I wined.

"Do you want to keep your part in this movie?" She crossed her arms. I rolled my eyes and went back to changing. She continued talking. "I will have Derek bring your outfit for tomorrow to your apartment. If you have any problems call me immediately. You must look and act your best in the morning if you want to continue."

I nodded. Derek is my stylist, and we had a meeting with the producer and director in the morning. I slipped my jacket on and grabbed my bag. "So after tomorrow morning I'm free until Wednesday afternoon?"

She looked hesitant. "Yes, but you have to be at your first rehearsal on time, Chloe."

I smiled. She recognized the look on my face and spoke up. "And you must be sober when you get there."

I shook my head reassuringly. "No worries! See you in the morning!"

I grabbed my keys and headed down the hallway. I pulled my hood over my freshly curled hair before opening the door. The rain lightly pattered around me as I hopped in my car and left the parking lot. After a short while, I saw the "Welsome to Kingston" sign and smiled. There is no place like home. I pulled into my parking space and there were a few fans milling around my apartment. They wanted some pictures and signatures, and I was happy to oblige!

After bidding them goodbye, I unlocked my apartment and hung my keys on the hook. I tossed my bag against the wall before falling into my comfy couch and pressing the power button on the TV remote. I flipped through several chanels before I saw something about Adele releasing her latest album. I loved her music! Then the reporter said something that caught my attention.

"In other news, Kingston's own wild child, Chloe Morgan has been at it again. The 22 year old actress was spotted with Jeremy Irvine at the Vibe nightclub last week. She was then seen leaving his house the following morning." They showed pictures of us making out in the club with drinks in hand and then there was a picture of me leaving his house looking a mess. "Is this a possible new couple or just another one night stand for Miss Morgan?"

I smiled to myself. It cracked me up how nosey people were. I loved the attention, but I knew that I would get an earful from Sheila in the morning. She would have to attempt to "fix" my name again. I don't know why she bothered. I am not going to change how I live just because people don't approve. It is my life and my decision. Besides, there will be a new story as soon as I get a night off. Always happens.

After a few other stories I got bored and turned it off. I decided to go to bed a bit early due to my early meetings and the long night that await me tomorrow. I couldn't wait to see Lulu again! I'm sure we will have a blast!

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