The Celebrity Hunger Games

Fun pointless idea I had, in which 24 famous celebrities (mostly singers, but I might throw in a couple actors or politicians - even though politicians are boooring) And there will only be one victor! Who will it be? Rate and comment please??? :)

Chocolate kisses!
~ Sarah ♥♥♥

Chapter 1

The Tributes

This year's tributes!

District 1:

Male: Justin Beiber
Female: Selena Gomez

District 2:

Male: Zac Efron
Female: Lady Gaga

District 3:

Male: Robert Pattison
Female: Kristen Stewart

District 4:

Male: Usher
Female: Lulu Antariksa

District 5:

Male: Cody Simpson
Female: Miley Cyrus

District 6:

Male: Zayn Malik
Female: Demi Lovato

District 7:

Male: Niall Horan
Female: Beyonce

District 8:

Male: Adam Lambert
Female: Taylor Swift

District 9:

Male: Russel Brandt
Female: Rita Ora

District 10:

Male: Lee Dewyze
Female: Miranda Lambert

District 11:

Male: Jayden Smith
Female: Rhianna

District 12:

Male: Nick Jonas
Female: P!nk


Launch Room, Justine Beiber POV (yeah, I know. I didn't want too. But he's gonna die soon anyways)

I step into the tube, and take a deep breath. I need to calm down, so I sing. The glass of my tribute tube shatters. Oops. Doesn't matter, though, because my plate is now in the arena. I look around.

I notice right away that the arena is divided into 4 sections, divided by electrical fences, but they stop about 10 meters before the Cornoucopia. So the only way to cross sections is to go right beside the Cornoucopia. Unless there's a break in the fence, way out there, beyond where I can see. The sections appear to be: Desert, where there is no shelter except a couple shrubs and palm trees, ocean, where that is just a sandy strip before it plunges into depp, dark, water. Another section is forest, and the last one is tundra. I think. Whatever it is, it doesn't look very warm. The I look at the tributes around me. Selena is 2 plates to my right. When that gong sounds, I'm gonna scoop her up into my arms, and run into the forest. When I put her down safely, she will declare her love for me forever and ever, and mine to her.

Selena Gomez POV

The awl 10 meters from me is mine. Once I get it, I'll run to join Zac, Gaga, Usher, and Lulu, and possibly Justin, if he makes it. I realize it disgust that he'll probably just follow me around, which will bring ME down. Oh well, don't think anyone will try to attack us anyway. Just the opposite: running away. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5...

Justine Beiber POV

4, 3, 2, 1.. GO! I run after Selena, who's picked up the awl and is running straight at Zac Efron. I can't tell if she's joining him or pathetically attacking him. She joins him. Oh! Isn't this that Career alliance someone told me about? I'm safe now! I run over to Selena. I trip over something. What was that? I look down at it. A body. Then I realize who! It's that Cody Simpson guy, the wannabee of me. Yes! Thank you, whoever killed him! I run over to Selena. "Hey." I say. She doesn't answer, she just stabs Lee Dewyze, the guy from 10. "Selena!" I say. "Because I am your boyfriend, I'll never let you go.."

Selena Gomez POV

In my head, I'm trying to calculate how many are dead. Justin's singing isn't helping. Then, all of a sudden, it stops. I glance over. Justin's on the ground, bleeding, and that Jonas guy from 12 is running away. I pick up a knife from beside me, and hurtle it as his shoulder. He falls. Dead.

Justin Beiber POV

I suck in a breath of air. I'm still alive. Selena comes over. "Oh, Justin." she says. She crying now. "This is the Hunger Games, but I don't care. I -" Then I drop off, slipping away into another world, but not before I hear her say "Always loved you." I smile, then close my eyes.


Well, y'all happy? Justin died, but it was a good death, to satisfy you Beliebers out there. Sorry it was sad! I almost cried myself, even though I don't really care about Justin. :(

I decided that after every chapter, I'm gonna put who's died and who killed them, to keep you up to date. So here's the list for the Bloodbath:

1st to die: Cody Simpson, killed by Usher
2nd to die: Lee Dewyze, killed by Selena Gomez
3rd to die: Robert Pattison, killed by Zayn Malik
4th to die: Miley Cyrus, killed by P!nk
5th to die: Justin Beiber, killed by Nick Jonas
6th to die: Nick Jonas, killed by Selena Gomez
7th to die: Rhianna, killed by Lulu Antariksa
8th to die: Rita Ora, killed by Adam Lambert


And that's it! Next chapter as soon as I get back! Miss you all!
Chocolate Kisses!
~ Sarah ♥♥♥

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