There's More To Us Than Just Being Hero's (An Iron Man Love Story)

There's More To Us Than Just Being Hero's (An Iron Man Love Story)

I loved The Avengers movie! It was the perfect thriller, fantasy, humorous movie that I have seen in a while. I started to read FanFic's about Hawkeye, Loki, Dr. Banner, and Thor. I was totally in love with them and so I thought that I would create my own Fanfic. So I hope you like it :). Please Comment and Rate. :) Thanks.

Chapter 2

Snatched and Grabbed

I am standing in a meadow, full of flowers. Beautiful, elegant flowers. I reach down and touch one. "Beautiful, huh?" I hear my brother's voice. I spin around to see his standing behind me. "Yeah, they are." I say glancing back down. "Just like you." He says pushing a strand of hair behind my ear. I glance back up at him, tears threatening to spill. "Why'd you have to go, Jess?" I asked, my lips quivering. He took a deep breath before replying "Somethings don't last forever." A tear slipped down my cheek. Jess quickly wiped it away. "Don't cry, A.J. the world didn't need me but it needs you." He says cupping my face. I pulled away and turned my back to him. "The world doesn't need me. My hands are stained with blood of those I have murdered." I whispered to him. "The blood can be washed away, A.J." He said tugging at my arm. "No, it can't." I said jerking my arm away. "Clint wiped them clean when he gave you a second chance." Jess said quietly. I turned back to him and said "Really?" He nodded and smiled. I threw my arms around him and said "I miss you, Jesse, I miss you so much!" He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me like he always did. "I miss you too, A.J." He said. A light breeze flowed through the meadow. "A.J., you will always-

Someone's hand was covering my mouth. My eyes shot open just as the intruder straddled my hips, immobilizing my legs. I can see the outline of the intruders body. It had very broad shoulders and forearms showed nothing but muscle. The way the intruder is built, it's definitely a guy. I sense his emotions. He's calm and focused. I try to shove him off me but he grabs my hands effortlessly and pins them above me. "I knew you were going to be a struggle." He says, amused. I recognize his voice but I can't put a face to it. He takes one hand and withdraws it from holding my wrists together. Now only one hand is bounding my wrists. I start to twist them and struggle against him. I get one hand free but before I can do anything, he stabs me with something. Things start to get fuzzy and my arms feel like lead. "That should do it." He says before starting to tie my wrists together with rope. I don't fight because I can't. My vision blurs and my earing fades. There's this darkness that's clouding my mind. It's asking for me, no pleading for me. I have no fight in me and I let the darkness consume me and lose consciousness.

My head is pounding against my skull. My throat is burning and my body aches all over. I slowly open my eyes to see a gray ceiling above me. My sight blurs a little but clears up quickly. I realize I'm not bound like I had been before. Slowly sitting up, I throw my legs off the bed that's attached to the wall. I rub my eyes before glancing around. The first thing I see is a door. That's all I need to see. I pull myself up and lean on the wall for support. As I approach the door, it opens automatically. I peek around the corners, checking if the cost is clear. It is so I continue my way to freedom, unstably. Before long, I come across a hallway with multiple doors. Still leaning against the wall, I try to pass them without opening them. The first set of doors, I am successful but the second, not so much. I lean close to the door, thinking its the wall. It slides open and I fall in. "Finally, she's up." A harsh voice says. I'm enough awake to realize who it is. I hit the ground with my fist and whisper a few choice words to myself. I glance up to see Nick Fury sitting at a table with five other men and one woman. I only recognize three of the men, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, and Dr. Banner. "Which one of you snatched and grabbed me?" I said, standing up slowly. "I did." Clint says smiling. "I'm going to kill you." I say viciously. I jump across the table and knock him over in his chair. I land on him but before I can do any real damage a man with shoulder length blond hair, and amazingly beautiful blue eyes grabs me by the hips and pulls me off of Clint. He pushes me against the wall so that I can't escape his grip. Clint pushes himself up with ease. "Enough, Avery." Nick Fury said. I'd been trying to dodge this guy for a long time. He wanted me to be part of some elite team called "The Avengers." I told him I had no interest but I should have known that he'd come for me anyway. "What do you want, Fury?" I hissed but looking at the man who was holding me. "We need your help in finding something." Fury said simply. "Are you kidding me? You couldn't have picked up the flipping phone and called me!?" I yell, finally meeting his gaze. "Would you have come?" He asked raising his eyebrows. "Probably not." I admitted. "Ok, then." Fury said. He nodded at my captor and the man pulled away. "So what do you need to find that is so important that you grabbed me out of my bed in the middle of the night?" I asked before taking a seat. "It's called the Tesseract." Nick Fury says before opening a file and sliding it toward me. I begin to read it. After I'm finished, I close to file and say "Well, it looks like you've put yourself in some deep crap, Fury." I slid it back to him. "So why do you need me? If you got Dr. Banner who could easily track it." I ask, glancing at Dr. Banner for a moment then back at Fury. I can sense Fury's frustration rolling of him like steam. "Because when Banner locates it, we'll need you to counteract whatever Loki is using it for." Fury says, trying to keep his cool but falling miserably. "Whoa, back up there. You said find this energy box of yours not get it back from some whack job!" I said, raising my voice. "Watch how you speak of my brother!" The man that held me said. I ignored him and narrowed my eyes at Fury. "Well, I believe I just said it." Fury said smugly. "Shut up. And if I read it correctly, Fury, that is a lot of Gamma energy and I frankly have no wish to become Ms. Hulk. No offense Dr. Banner." I said before standing up. "None taken." Dr. Banner said calmly. I could sense him, making himself be calm. "But you can't become like Dr. Banner unless you are exposed to a room full of Gamma like him. The Gamma is very confined in that cube." The guy beside Fury said. "And who are you?" I retorted. "Steve Rodgers otherwise known as Captian America." He said giving me a polite smile. I grunted in response. He was right after reading that file I know that but I was still unsure about doing this. I push back my chair and head for the door. "This could be your chance to change every wrong you have done into a right." Fury says almost threateningly. I slam my fist into the door. I turn around slowly and study him. His face shows nothing but seriousness and so do his emotions."Fine. I'll do it." I sighed, walking back to the table and taking my seat. "Good. Now, let me introduce you to the team." Fury said giving a small sigh. "You already know Agent Barton, Dr. Banner, Stark, and Captian. So beside you is Thor and that's Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black Widow." He said before standing. "Welcome to the Avengers, Mrs. Hart." He says before leaving. I groan and put my head in my hands. I do everything in my power to avoid this and somehow I still get roped up into this.
Into being an Avenger.

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