There's More To Us Than Just Being Hero's (An Iron Man Love Story)

There's More To Us Than Just Being Hero's (An Iron Man Love Story)

I loved The Avengers movie! It was the perfect thriller, fantasy, humorous movie that I have seen in a while. I started to read FanFic's about Hawkeye, Loki, Dr. Banner, and Thor. I was totally in love with them and so I thought that I would create my own Fanfic. So I hope you like it :). Please Comment and Rate. :) Thanks.

Chapter 1

Character Information

Name: Avery Jocelyn (A.J) Hart
Age: 21
Hero Name: Energy
Description: She has long curly brown hair, light green eyes with blue specks, and a light tan.
Powers: Energy Constructs, Energy Armor, Energy Absorption, and Empathy.
Weapon of Choice: Throwing Knives
Usual Look: Black Skinny Jeans, Black Tank Top, Black Leather Jacket with Hood, Women's Black Combat Boots, and Black Fingerless Gloves.
Family: Parent's Deceased. One Sibling which is also Deceased.
Need To Know:
A.J. was 14 and a very happy teenager with her annoying but protective older brother and her fun, loving parents. A.J. had always had the power Empathy (ability to feel and control others emotions) but she thought everyone did. That was until the accident, that changed her life. The plane her and her family were on lost power in on engine. As it plummeted to the ground, her family told her they loved her. Her brother held her as they fell and crashed. A.J. kept her eyes closed through the whole thing. After being thrown from her brother's arms, she is knocked unconscious. Not long after, she wakes up and is unharmed. Her body is covered in this orangish cloak. She can't shake it off. Her mother is still alive but barely. A.J. runs to her side. Her mother gives her, her necklace. It's a key that says "A Gift of No Other." Then, she passes. A.J. walks from the scene, unharmed physically. But emotionally destroyed.
She returns to her home to open that door that she and her brother were never allowed into. THe key fit perfectly in the lock. She walks in and there is a laptop on a desk and a chair. That's it. She turns on the computer and goes through it. Everything in it is addressed to her. Telling her that what her powers were and how to control them. But she can't take it anymore, she doesn't want to be the Hero, her parents hoped for. So she leaves and never looks back. She wonders to hopefully forget but she can't. Eventually, her anger and grief get the best of her and she becomes a bad guy. She starts killing murderers and other bad people. But that doesn't make her a good person. After the killing rate has gotten too high, the government knows that this murderer needs to be disposed of. So Hawkeye is sent to kill A.J. But when he sees her, he stops. This 17 year old girl is capable of killing all these people? He struggles with what he should do. He doesn't know if he should carry through his orders or not. In the end, he doesn't. Yes, he has killed plenty of people but after talking to A.J., he realizes that she's just an emotionally damaged kid that's powers could be used for good. So he offers A.J. a place to stay for the night. She gladly accepts. But the next morning when Hawkeye gets up, A.J. is gone.

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