The Clato Story I Came Up With...

This is my Clato story.
This is all written from Clove's P.O.V.
Hope u like it!
For all u Clato fans! :DDD

Chapter 1

When We Met As 8 Year Olds

I'm an 8 year old. I'm at school, practicing my knife throwing. Everyone says I have a gift for throwing knives, which I guess is somewhat true. I'm the best in my school.
I throw a knife at a lit-up target, and it hits perfectly. I go to grab another knife, but the rest of my knives went missing. I look around, and see Cato, holding my knives. Cato, the most annoying person in my school. I chase him around the gym for my knives back. The gym teacher, Mr. Opal, stops us.
"What are you doing?" Mr. Opal asks us.
"Cato stole my knives." I say.
"Cato, give them back." Mr. Opal says. Cato hands the knives back to me, and Mr. Opal stays with Cato to yell at him. I go back to my knife throwing area, and throw more knives. I hear Cato and Mr. Opal talking, even though they're on the other side of the gym, and our gym is huge.

Later that day...

I'm walking home from school, with a knife clutched in my hand. I don't why I'm holding my knife, maybe for self-protection. I hear running behind me, and I turn around. Cato. Ugh. What now? He takes my knife, and I chase him again. He stops so sudddenly, in the middle of nowhere. "Gimme my knife." I demand.
"You know, knives are dangerous." Cato says. I roll my eyes. Like I don't know that. That's why I have a scar on my arm.
My parents were showing me how to use a knife, and my mother 'accidentally' cut my arm with the knife. But, she hates me. I think she cut my arm on purpose.
"Gimme my knife." I demand again. I feel my pocketknife in my pocket, and I'm about to take it out when he justs hands it over. No fight. No chasing.
"Can you help me?" Cato asks. I raise an eyebrow. Cato's a grade ahead of me, yet they mix our grades together.
"What?" I ask.
"Homework." He says. I know Cato gets what he wants, and I sigh. I go to my house, and he follows me. I lead him to my bedroom, and we do homework together.
I don't really help him much, mainly because I don't know the stuff. He helps me with my homework, and I don't care.
"Thanks." I say to Cato as he leaves.
"Your welcome." He says.

The next day...

I'm at school, in the gym, throwing knives. I hear others oohing and ahhing over me. My knives are missing. Again. Cato. He's holding my knives, and I chase him around the gym until we run into Mr. Opal. Again. He yells at both of us, and Cato hands me back my knives. "If this happens again this week, you're both getting in trouble." Mr. Opal threatens us.
We do homework again, but I go out on my roof. I like staying outside, gazing at the stars. Cato doesn't mind.
I guess this makes us friends. I mean, we understand each other. And nobody's ever accepted me. Except Cato. Everyone just calls me 'the girl with the knife'. But, Cato's one of the most popular people in the District, so I bet someone accepts him other than me.

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