Is it Destiny? (One Direction Love Story)

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Chapter 1

From New York To London

"C'MON AZALEA YOU BEEN THERE FOR YEARS!" my brother Adrian said as he pounded the bathroom door

"Just a few more years won't hurt" I teased him. After a few more minutes of putting makeup on I opened the door.
"There. All better?"
Adrian quickly got into the bathroom and slammed the door in my face. Gosh.

I went to my room and got my suitcases. My whole room was just plain empty with blue wallpaper. My family was moving to London and was gonna live in a house with her best friend's family. Apparently, they lived on the other side of the world: Califorina and we were about to meet them at a coffeeshop right across the London Airport. I was excited to meet them cause there was 2 girls my age, and twins that were the same age as Adrian.
I snapped out of my thoughts when my sister Milena came into the room.

"Cmon Azalea, help me and dad carry this luggages to the car." I went and helped her with all of our family's luggages.

Me, Milena, my little brother Charles, and my parents were in the car already. So basically my family and I were in the car waiting for Adrian. Can't believe he's still in the bathroom for so long for the first time. Usually he dips his head in the shower like other 15 yr olds do and was done. Milena and Charles opened the car window and yelled out: WE ARE GONNA BE LATE TO LONDON!!!!

Adrian ran out and went to the car FAST. "Dude, what took you so long?" I asked. "Well, we're -"
"Is it because there is a girl your age living in the same house with you?" my mom guessed.
Adrian's whole face was red until we got to the airport.

We were almost there to the plane when the securities had to check to see if we had no weapons on us. Adrian was the last to get out. FINALLY.
Oh god. The securities checked everything on him. The only thing he had was his camera, apparently it wasn't aloud on the plane?. My siblings and I laughed so hard, but my parents had a disapproving face. He was the one who ALWAYS got in trouble from either pranking or sneaking something in.

My family sat in the 4 seat together while me and Milena sat two rows behind them. Then a cute Irish and a Justin Bieber hairstyle boy sat right next to us.
"Hi, I'm Azalea. Azalea Miller." I said as I shook his hand.
"I'm Niall Horan."
"Nice to meetcha".
Then the boys' eyes got wide. "You don't know us?"
"Well your name sounds -"

"You guys are One Direction" Milena said. Of course, it makes sense now, she had a bunch of posters of them. I remember her telling me of their height. My little sister was a creep when it came to boys.
Milena and I told them that we were moving to London and they told us they were finishing their tour to New York and heading back home. All of us had random conversations about- I forgot. I was just having too much fun.

- Attention Passengers, We Are About To Land In London In 2 Minutes. -
I woke up and I found my head on Niall's lap. I just continue lying there. Meanwhile, I found that me and Milena switched spots so now she was sitting right next to Liam. After we landed, I got up and got off the plane. With my family of course.

We were about to go to the coffee shop when I got a tap on my shoulder.
Niall slipped a note in my hand.
(Not a real #)
Call me sometime? Maybe we can hang out?
I had a huge smile on my face until we left.
My mom nudged me and asked "is that your little boyfriend?"
I blushed a little but didn't answer.

We finally got to the coffee shop and met another huge family like us. I examined their family a little. There were defintely 2 girls about my age, and there was a boy and a girl. Must be the twins my mother was talking about.
There was an awkward silence between us before my mom and her best friend were practically greeting each other happily so loud that everyone was looking at us.

Well, Adrian got a headstart on talking to the girl. Looks like they're getting along pretty well after 2 minutes. Finally, me and Milena greeted the 2 other girls our age. Their names were Roselle, and Kadie. They told us that they moved here to live with us with their parents and little siblings, Harmony and Brandon.
We were about to talk more until we had to go to the house.

Adrian must've got Harmony's # cause he was texting the whole ride to the house. I was so nosy that I grabbed the phone from him.
"So? I'm your sister, It's practically mine too since I'm related TO YOU!"

I scrolled down the texts:
Me(Adrian)- "Excited to go to see the new house?"
Harmony- "TOTALLY! Charles keeps annoying me and saying are we there yet? ARE WE THERE YET?"
Adrian- "At least your brother is talking, my sisters keep talking about what clothes they're gonna buy."
Harmony- "It's not that bad."
-Goes on and on and on XD-

"Hmm, looks like you got yourself a girlfriend!" I teased Adrian.
I was about to get revenge until I saw a huge mansion in front of us.
Oh.My.God. I didn't knew we get a house like this!

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