Hogwarts love story


Chapter 2

1st day

The next morning I wake up & go to the dining hall for breakfast. I c Harry & go sit w/ him. "Hey Harry!" "Oh hey."

"What do you think of Hogwarts so far? I love it here!"

"Yeah i like it. I already made new friends"

Then our friend Natalie comes over. She's in Ravenclaw. "Hey Natalie" I say We're really close & I know she has a crush on Harry. "Oh look there's Draco!" I quickly get up, leaving them alone. I walk behind him as quietly as possible. I put my hands over his eyes "Guess who!" "Ana your the only one in the entire school w/ an American accent. There's no way you could fool me." "Poo." I say then sit next to him. So what's w/ you & Pansy?" "What do you mean?" He seems like he really doesnt know what I'm talking about. "Oh please! I saw you to talking yesterday before the house sorting." "Oh that. Well Pansy is kind of..." Before he could finish, the exact pug-face we were talking about shows up. "Hey Draciepoo!" "Pansy don't call me that!" He says irritated. She gets mad & walks away. "Anymore questions?" He says. "Wait i thought you two like each other." He snorts & says, "No! Pansy is completely obsessed w/ me but i can't stand her." Why does that make me happy? I push the thought away. "Well we should probably get to class now."


"Draco what's our first class"

"I'm pretty sure we have potions w/ Gryffindorks."

"Don't call them that! They actually really cool."

"How were you put in Slytherin?" He asks w/ a chuckle. "Your so nice! It's not natural for a Slytherin." I roll my eyes, "Yeah I'm a complete crime against the name of Salazar Slytherin!" We both laugh on the way to potions. We get their & take our seats. Professor Snape walks in, "Everyone take your seat & open up your books to chapter three." He starts rambling about some stuff he plans to teach us. Then he stops. "Apparently some of us feel we have no need to pay attention." He was talking about Harry. He starts asking Harry a bunch of questions that he doesnt have the answer to. "10 points from Gryffindor!" "Snape seems kinda mean." I whisper to Draco. "Na he's cool w/ Slytherins." "Oh. Ok." So potions is soon over & we head to all our other classes. Charms, herbolagy, DADA. Eventually all the classes are over. I head back to the common room to get started on my homework. But my eyes are suddenly covered. "Guess who?" I giggle & say, "Um is it Crabbe?"



"No. It's Draco!" He say while laughing. He moves his hands & plops down next to me. "Whatya doin?" He asks. "Uh the homework we were assigned." "Oh that." We work on our homework together until dinner time.

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