Deleting please read, for me

I know you guys hate this but please read for me

Chapter 1


by: steph1202
Well, things in my life have occurred and I don't think quibblo is where my mind should be at, at this moment, I'll always remember everyone I've talked to and the memories we have made I'm heartbroken to do this but it must be done. At this point in time I don't know whether I will keep my account open and check from time to time or just delete it all together. But there is some good news to this, anyone who still wants to have contact with me can still text me with my textnow number, which if you don't know is a number that you just basically text from without giving out your personal information so if you would like my textnow number just message me and if we've talked then I'll gladly give it to you. Once again I'm sorry.


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