Dory in wonderland! (Please read)

Dory finds herself in a weird place after a nap.

Chapter 1

What happened while I napped.

Dory was taking a nap one glorious day bout a weird little place when she was awoken by a passing jellyfish. She smiled and started chasing after it. "Come here jelly, u'll make a great friend," She said and kept chasing after it. However the jellyfish had a diffrent idea swam faster away. "Come here new compainian!" She said and tried to hug the jellyfish. It shocked her and she fell through a pipe weakly. She saw a bunch of paint that the humans dumped. "OOO Pretty colors!" She said and tried to ram into it. She was getting sucked into the pipe but she didn't notice cause she was too busy tryingt to catch the pretty colors. She heard some voices and decided to follow them. "Oh HI! I'm uhh, Dory!" She said to the fish running all around. "No time to talk, gotta swim," they said and swam away. She looked around, she was in the place of her dreams. She went up to a nearby sword fish who was nearby. "Ooo, will u be my friend?" She asked him joyfully. He turned to her, "Oh no dear, no time for friends, do u know how to make a fire here, do u know how to shoot a bow and arrow, this is the mear beging, u my child need to learn much more," He said and swam off. "Wait, don't leave me!" Dorthy yelled swimming after him. "No time, must hurry, the blue marlin can't wait, she wants everything fast!" He said and flew to fast for Dory to keep up. "OO, A GAME!" She said and continued to try to swim after him.

Sorry if it's so short, I have a great imagination and I rather use it drawing anime animals. I had a writters block

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