Pick me up again (1D)

A Story about a girl trying to pick her self up again,along the way up will her new love bring her back down again?

Chapter 1

That feeling.

by: Needles
Do you ever just feel like everyone's moving forward except you? I sat on my bed staring out the window.Rain drops ran down the glass,smearing my vision of the side yard.I heard loud yelling coming from downstairs and glass shattering.My door slammed open and the smell of beer filled my room. "You depressed little brat,I kept yelling your name! Why didn't you come downstairs?!" My mother laughed and slammed her shoulder on the door frame.I kept staring out the window and felt my eyes tear up.She walked over to my side and stared at me.I looked up at her and she started to cry. "Your the reason why he left" Her voice started to crack.I shook my head. "yes you are!" She grabed a hand full of my hair and pulled it as hard as she could.I let out a small cry."How do you like the pain?This is what i feel everyday"She patted her heart and threw me on the ground beside my bed.She slowly made her way out of my room,before she completely left she turned and said "You disgust me" Then she walked down the hall.I felt warm tears fall down my cheeks as i laid on the ground.My head ached,I rolled over on my back and stared at the fan spinning around.I closed my eyes and wished that i would never wake up again.To stay in a dream where I could smile and laugh.To Leave all these people who act like i'm not even there.I felt a bit of anger weld up in me.How could they treat someone like this and not feel guilt.Tears started to come harder.I sat up and wiped them away with my sleeve.All i wanted to do is leave this cruel world.

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