The Story Idea.

Chapter 1

Here it is

I will tell the idea, but if you steal it, I will flag your comments, block you, and delete you from my friends.

Cause a real friend does not steal from others.

It's mostly KingInsaneII's original idea, and we worked on it together to figure it out, so credit goes to us, and he's allowing me to use the idea.

Ok so the girl runs away from home and Then she's in a car with a strange guy,and he tries to rpe her when the son comes out and drags her away before it theyre love birds and have a car to themselves to drive all over the world on the run from the father

That was Flane's original Idea. Here's what I said to twirk it:

I don't know if I can actually type the hole rpe thing, and I don't really like the "drive all over the world on the run from the father" Possibly, the girl runs away, gets caught by a strange guy, almost gets rped, but the son comes out and saves her, then the "lovebirds" thing, they make better friends, possibly the girl stays with the boy and i'm thinking they could be 15 and they still go to school, eventually fall for each other, then all that "Happily ever after" Thing

Flane-sure something Exiting happens before theyre bestfriends like.She saves his life from a plane accidentt

Me-So, she hears a plane and sees it crash near her and she goes to see and she sees him struggling to get out from under a large part and she gets help and saves him and then he gets taken to a Hospital and they become better friends from there

And then I was gonna add where she was kidnapped, but the rest from there's gonna be a secret ;)

You'll have to read to see what happens

So I'll make a story about that. There are MASSIVE spoilers there xPP


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