Team Clato-A Cato And Clove Hunger Games Story

Team Clato-A Cato And Clove Hunger Games Story

Switches P.O.V's.

Chapter 1

The Mysterious Boy-Clove's POV

I walk into the outside village.
It's not much.
I cling to the ground.
The food dealer holds up an apple and mocks me with it.
I hold up a knife.
I throw it.
It hits the apple and he throws it.
I laugh.
School might not be tomorrow.
Tomorrow is reaping day.
It's already 3 P.M.
I wonder if I will be tribute.
I flash towards the knife shop.
I have membership for it!
I get knives half-off.
And knife magazines!
I walk in.
I'm one of the best customers.
They just got the EX-Knife Championship 2000.
I hear it's awesome.
My family isn't rich.
But it's just 200 dollars for non-members.
100 for members.
I buy it with my exclusive knife card.
I strike into village.
The son of the sword shop owner laughs at me and runs.
His name tag falls off.
I look at it.
It read "Cato"

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