Your Reason To Be ~Part Two~ ((1D fanfic))

Hey, so...finally got around to finishing it!!!!!!! XD

Hope you enjoy, and please, comment or message me with your thoughts!

You can find part one here:

Chapter 1

Jumping The Gun

I wake up, and this time, it's different. This time, he's here, laying beside me on the couch. I wonder what he's dreaming about, and if I'm there. I watch him sleep...he looks so peaceful, his breathing even and calm.

And, because I'm a little bitch, I have to wake him up. I lick my finger and ever-so-gently insert it into his ear. Liam jolts awake, and promptly pushes me off of the couch.

"Jerk!" He shouts, slightly annoyed. But then he starts laughing, so I know everything's okay. I grin meanly and yank him off after me. When his weight shifts onto me, I groan.

"Liammmmm..." I wail, jokingly. "Gerroff me!!!" He smiles and gives me a quick peck on the cheek, sliding off.

As I get up, I hear him rummaging through stuff--and I see it's the kitchen cabinets. "Do you wanna just go out?" He asks, his head in the refrigerator. It's empty save a jug of milk. I nod. "Go wake up the boys," He tells me. "Have some fun with it."

Oh, I will. I will.

Just for the sake of "old times," I decide to pay Niall a wake-up call first. Snatching the keys off of the hook by the door, I dart into the hallway. Being as ninja as possible, I slide the key into the lock and open the door.

Niall is already awake, I see to my utmost disappointment. And he isn't alone. He's seated at the computer, three boys beside him--one with darker skin, one with a mass of curly brown hair, and one wearing stripes. They're talking quietly among themselves, while Niall's scrolling through an article.

I sneak up behind them, and read over their shoulders.

IS LIAM PAYNE OF ONE DIRECTION TAKEN? Girls, it looks like he is.

Well, no shit.

Liam Payne has allegedly been seen out and about with an American girl named Cassandra Love. But our sources tell us that it isn't what you think it is.

Excuse me?

Everyone has heard of the sweepstakes for a date with 1/5 of 1D. Payne's recently occurred, with a lucky girl named Alexandra Gold. But perhaps there's more going on between Gold and Payne than just a sweepstake date?

What? Um...what?

They were caught holding hands, even sneaking a few kisses...

My heart sinks. This can't be true. No. He's my Liam, and this is just the paparazzi, and I am jumping to conclusions. I inhale sharply. Yeah. Jumping the gun.

The boys shoot a mile high out of their seats. Harry whips around, and his color drains. "C-cassie..." He stutters. Zayn and Louis try and pull my attention away from the screen, but I just shove Niall out of the way.

Pictures. Fabulous. They even got pictures.

I stumble away from the screen. I know I've been kind of untrusting, but that's just who I am and who I was taught to be. My father, he...he cheated on my mother, and...

Those memories I buried a long, long time ago surface, and I can't stop them.

I hear voices yelling. My little girl stature is just perfect for watching through the keyhole. Daddy, he's in bed and Mommy's standing. But there's a woman with him, with Daddy, and I'm not understanding. "Why, James?! Aren't...aren't I enough? I thought you loved me! I sure as hell love YOU!"

The woman tries to slip away, but Mommy is growling at her. "You stay put." The red-haired woman, fear tingeing her eyes, stays put.

Daddy says calmly, "Don't yell, Marion. You'll wake Cassandra." Why doesn't Daddy want me to wake up? "Of course, I love you. But a man...a real man needs more than what one woman can give him. He needs more than one to stay satisfied." I'm confused...

A glint of metal shines in my Mommy's hand. "This has happened one too many times, James! I've had ENOUGH! Enough of you and your line of women flouncing through, like I and Cassie don't even exist. When was the last time you told your daughter you loved her? When was the last time you hugged her?"

Mommy raises her arm. I know that Daddy loves me. I open the door, and say so. Mommy whips around, and a loud bang goes off, ringing in my ears, and shattering glass from the window covers the floor...

I pull away from my thoughts. It's happening. Oh, God, Mom was right. Mom was right when she told me that all men were like that. "You know," I murmur. "People make Liam out to be such a sweetheart." I back away from the screen and those words and pictures speaking the evil truth.

I run to the bathroom, and slam the door. Breathing hard, I look at myself in the mirror a moment. Then I collapse in the bathtub and cry. There's a knock on the door.

"Cassie, love?" The door opens.

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