Life on Board, oh how EXCITING!

Life on Board, oh how EXCITING!

This is a story based on Titanic but there's a twist! A gripping twist! The main character is a fourteen year old girl called Charlotte Hawthorne, she comes from a rather posh and wealthy family. Do you want to know more about her? More about her personality? Appearance? Well why not read on then, you'll enjoy the story...I HOPE! Rate and comment nicely but honestly please. If you have any tips please dont hesitate to tell me, thank you.

Chapter 1

The begining of a rather interesting life story

I gazed around my massive bedroom, it looked the same as usual, nothing exciting... well that's if you don't count all my expensive possesions. "Charlotte come downstairs now please," called my mother, her name is Elizabeth. Let me tell you something about my mother, she is rather posh and snobby, so is my father, to think about it....So is my whole family.

I quickly ran down a set of fifty wooden stairs and when I finally reached the pantry I was breathless. "What is it mother? Father?" I asked in a curious voice, they both looked excited. "Stand up straight, we didn't pay for someone to come here and teach you how to correct your posture and you not pay attention to them. Now, stand up, tummy flat and such forth," my father told me sternly. I immediatly stood up straight. "Charlotte?" asked my mother "We have something rather important to tell you and would be ever so gratefull if you pay attention and listen closely." What did they have to tell me?

"We are moving to America. We are travilling by ship, one of the best ships in the world, the Titanic. It is rumoured to be unsinkable. What day are we moving Darling?" My fathers eyes flickered to my mother for a mini-second and then he answered his own question "next Saturday." There was a moment of silence as I felt my heart stop beating. I felt like a bomb had just exploded. Today was Saturday so that meant I only had one week to say all my Goodbyes. I couldn't belive it.

"Next Saturday? Did you only decide today?" I asked politely, I felt like stamping my feet in anger but I knew that my parents would not tolerate this kind of behaviour. "We have known for a month," my father told me, smiling. "AND YOU COULDN'T HAVE TOLD ME? YOU WAITED TILL NOW TO TELL ME? WHY?" I shouted, I felt like I was going to explode. "Lessons Charlotte: 1, Use your indoor voice while inside. 2, You do not start a sentence with the word and or but. 3, The proper word is UNTIL not till. You are going to adore the mansion, it is MASSIVE." My mother told me in a very important voice.

A mansion? I had only visited mansions on rare occasions, there were not many in Ireland. If you owned a mansion it meant that you were very powerful and wealthy. I wondered how big it was going to be. I decided to be nice to my parents, if I was fighting with them it would be an extra worry. "I am ever so sorry for speaking incorrectly, I do hope you can forgive me. We all make mistakes, dont we?" I said quietly, I wanted to cry. "I can forgive you. Would you like to send a letter to Marria?"

Marria is my best friend, we had become friends at the young age of three. Our mothers had been best friends and thought that we would get on together, we did. Even when my mother had fallen out with hers we still managed to remain together, keep our friendship going. Marria is a thin girl with sleek, long, blonde hair and sparkiling blue eyes. Her family is a lot posher than mine, that's why our parents had fallen out, and in her appearance she defiantly showed how well-off she was. I couldn't imagine life without her, she was like a sister to me. "Yes please, I'm just going to go up and write it in my bedroom."

I walked slowly up our wooden stairs trying to decide what to write in my letter, shall I tell her casually or - or dramaticly? Should I boast about my mansion? "No, no I shall not," I told myself and sighed, now I was talking to myself, WONDERFUL.

I pushed open my bedroom door angrily and ordered the cleaner to get out of my room. "You can aware Capialla that I am rather thirsty," I shot at the cleaner and she nodded her head obediently. Capialla was our house maid, I wondered would she be accompyning us to the mansion.

I grabbed my quill and a piece of paper and began writing:

Dear Marria,
I have interesting news to tell you, I am leaving this country and heading to a much better life in America. We are going on the Titanic ship which is said to be unsinkable....

NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOO! I couldn't say my goodbye like that, it sounded to business-like. I crossed out the letter I had wrote and began another one:

Dear Marria
Next Saturday I am moving to a mansion in America....

NO! That sounded too easy, like I wanted to go, like I wouldn't miss Marria. I ripped up the piece of paper and started shouting "I don't want to go to stupid America!!!" That was the first time in my life that I had sworn, that sort of language was never allown out of my mouth, at least no-one heard me.

"Ex-excuse me Madame Charlotte, I heard that you were thirsty so I brought this up," The voice came from behind me but it wasn't my maids voice. I turned around quickly and saw ... Marria. "Marria, my goodness what are you doing here?" I asked in bewilderment. How could she be here? Why? Did my parents even know that she was here? Then I saw what she was wearing - a long white torn dress, an ugly black shawl thrown over the dress, sleeves that went right down to her hands, a dirty looking duster was placed in her right hand and her hair was pinned back messily with a half broken pin.... Only a maid could look like this.

"Private business gets around fast, even if you are posh," Marria said and then grinned. "What on earth are you talking about and why are you wearing that horrible outfit?" My voice sounded disgusted and misearable. "Oh cheer up why don't you?

How could I cheer up? My best friend was making no sense, not a bit in the least, and I still had to tell her that I was moving away...forever. I decided that I should tell her and get it over and done with, before I got more upset. I took a deep breath and began talking.

"I need to tell you something,"
"But I-"
"Marria...Let me talk, it's important. I'm-I'm m-moving, leaving this country, I'm going to America. I don't want to go, I really don't...." My voice dropped and tears started falling out of my eyes. I didn't intend on crying. I wanted to be strong, not weak like a small baby.

There was silence for a moment while the full truth sank into our heads. "I knew," whispered Marria in a weak voice. I looked at her questionly, what did she know? "Everyone knows that you are leaving, everyone's talking about it, somehow the word got out, well I suppose you ARE going on the Titanic ship and that's meant to be the first unsinkable ship. I tried not to believe a word of what everybody said about your family moving because I didn't want to.... I wanted to think that you, my best friend, would stay with me all of my life."

Now I understood, now I knew what was going on, what others were talking about. I guessed that the rather unfortunate, poor, people from the block of run-down houses were green with envy, the old drunken man that my mother never allowed me to talk to would probaly be cursing us right now and the rich, posh, upstandared people....well they...I don't know how to finish that sentence.

I turned away from Marria, towards my bed, gritted my teeth and said "okay." Then I let myself fall onto my silver bed. Marria was still talking but I wasn't listening to her probaly, I only heard words like "unbelieveable," "no way," and "my best friend."

"There's another girl from around the street who's going on the Titanic," she said in a hopeful voice, hopeful that I would talk back to her I guessed. I decided to answer her since she IS my best friend. "Who is she?" I asked eagerly. A sharp breath escaped from Marria's mouth as she said "Josiphina Maridge." She needn't say anything else for we both knew what my reaction would be. To scream in anger. To explode with fury because I knew who Josiphina Maridge was.

Both of my parents adored the Maridge family and so did I but that was years ago. I would still be best friends with Josiphina if she didn't mess up, if I didn't see her true colours. We live in a small town called Greenzville and this is how the standards of people go:

At the bottom of the list there's the frightening beggars, the one's who bang at every door, who try every which way to get what they need or want. Then there's Bob, a man in his early fourty's who stands next to our church, if you were to walk past him he would be drinking mixed up alcohol and swearing, I've only seen him once at a glimpse. Up from him are the avregars, that's our name for the people who scrape by, who have tiny wrecked houses and barely any food but still manage to live and look out for each other. I have great admiration for these good willing people, it's a pity that no-one else shares my admiration towards them.

There is only three upper-class familys in our area, the Maridge family, my family and Marria's family. Two familys can get on well but three - well three is a crowd and just complicated. When I first grew up there were only two posh familys, mine and Marria's and that was lovely... if only I knew that it was too good to last. When I was ten along came another family who was richer, smarter, better looking and defiantly more showy and posher than the rest of us. This family was the Maridge's.

My mother adored how Teresa Maridge shone at everything she did, the same to be said about Josiphina, Josiphina's father Johnathan and her cousin Mark...oh Mark, he was the funny, strong, beautiful boy...I couldn't help falling for him. It didn't bother me that we were spending more and more time with the Maridge's because it meant I had another best friend and I got to spend more time with Mark.

A year passed and things started to mess up, slowly at first and then all of a sudden everything had been wrecked. Thinking back it started on Christmas day, Marria's family and Josiphina's family were coming over to my house to have Christmas dinner with us. I can't remember the two familys being very nice to each other but it wasn't them who I was paying attention to, it was Mark...My new and my first boyfriend.

The next memory that I remember is one night when I overheard a conversation between my mother and Teresa, I remember being shocked, utterly shocked. Teresa was basically telling my mother that even though the Arnodes (Marria's family) were posh they were different from our familys. Teresa advised my mother to not be friends with the Arnodes. My mother was quiet at first but then agreed that Teresa was right. For the next couple of months I didn't see Marria and I missed her an awful amount.

After that - after that well - I can't continue with the story, my whole world fell apart. Mark broke up with me. Josiphina had told him all these lies about me and he trusted her. He trusted her more than me. When he broke up with me I was devestated, beyond devestated actually, depressed and that's when I started to hate her.

Marria found out what had happened with Mark and she helped me get over him, we were best friends again and a new spark of happiness came back to me until Josiphina found out that I had `betrayed` mine and hers family. She decided to seek revenge, she did the exact same thing to Marria that she did to Mark, she lied. That's when I had the proper fight with Josiphine, I not only hated her, I loathed her. I have not talked to her since but Marria and I have remained best friends.

"Don't cry," Marria whispered and I was brought back to reality. I wiped my eyes with the back of my hands, it wasn't good manners to cry. "Sorry it is just I don't want to spend even more time with HER, you know what she did Marria!" I was shouting now and Marria looked really worried. "She's still someone you know and you can talk to her if you're lonely, shhh don't shout, someone might hear you!"

What did she mean someone might hear me? Who cares if someone heard me? Being heared was the least of my worrys and anyway my mother knew that Marria was here .... OR DID SHE? "Did you sneak here?" I asked in alarm, her parents disliked me. Marria nodded her head with a frightened expression on her face.

KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! There was somebody knocking at my bedroom door, they must have heard me shouting. I quickly glanced at Marria and called "who is it?" I waited in silence.
"It is your mother, open your door please, I need to aware you of more news."
"I don't need to hear any more news, thanks, I think I have heard enough news today don't you think?" I tried to sound casual but my voice came out really loud and angry.
"Charlotte Hawthorne do not speak back to me like that, open the"

I turned to face Marria, mouthed the word "hide," and opened the door. "I am ever so sorry for being misbehaved towards you mother dearest," I said carefully. My mother smiled and said "it is okay, now I know that you might be shocked but I have to tell you....Marria is missing...for two days now. Come and sit down on the bed with me." I tried to look shocked, upset, angry and frightened but that was a lot of emotions to put on in a matter of seconds.

I grabbed my mothers hand, not saying a word and sat upon my bed. When my mother sat down we both heard a squeal coming from underneath the covers.
"Oh my goodness, what was that terrible sound Charlotte?"
"Ummmmmm... emmm ... a mouse?" I was a bad liar. My mother stood up from the bed and pulled the cover away, lying underneath was Marria.

"MARRIA!" yelled my mother in suprise mixed with rage.
"Oh-hello Mrs. Hawthorne....You just woke me up... Nice day, isn't it?"
"WHAT is she doing in MY house Charlotte?!?" my mothers face was an excellent shade of blood red.
"Well, you see.." I didn't know what to say.
"I recieved Charlotte's letter exclaiming that she was leaving and going to America but I thought that she meant just her, I came to tell you what her plan was. I didn't want to get her in trouble when you found out that she was missing but really gone to America. I'm sorry for telling on you Char but I just HAD to make sure that you were safe, I don't want my best friend to be hurt or worse...killed." Marria sounded worried all through when she was talking, apart from her last sentence which sounded like she was going to cry.

Marria was perfect at lying, a born actress. Marria still had the cover wrapped around her body so that my mother could not see the maids outfit. "Is this true Charlotte? DID you make the letter sound like it was just you going to America?" My mother asked me seriously. "I didn't mean to but thinking back, yes I did, I only wrote I...not we... sorry mother."

"Why were you in the bed Marria?" That was my mother's first question.
"I was exhausted, see I spent ages walking, so Charlotte let me go to sleep for a little while." That was an easy answer.
"Did your mother not drop you off?" A harder question.
"She was too busy working even though she is very sick, I think she is starting to get the influenza."
"Oh that is terrible, I hope she gets better soon." My mothers voice actually showed pitty.

The questions were over, we were free and nobody was getting in trouble. I looked over at Marria and we both smiled happily. I felt so releived. My mother copied us and began talking in her sweetest voice possible "girls, did you hear that Jack McRidge got locked up in the cellar for telling lies about his sister Brigid having the Lung disease?" Oh no! This voice was too sweet for my mother and her talking about this subject right now was really bad timeing.

"Sorry Mrs. Hawthorne, I think that's really bad but I don't know who those people are."
"What do you think is really bad Marria? Lying?" Oh no! Oh no! My mother was defiantly acting weird.
"Yes, lying," Marria's voice sounded worried.
"Marria you seem tired, go back to sleep," I tried to sound okay but my mother ignored me.
"THEN WHY LIE MARRIA?!!!?!!?" My mother sounded like a banshee.

I jumped back in fright for I had never heard her talk like that before. I peered over at my bed, expecting Marria to be white in her face but the place where she had been lying a minute ago was empty. I looked madly around me, where was she? She couldn't have just disappeared.

My eyes were drawn to the floor next to my bed where Marria had obviously fallen. She must have been so frightened that she stumbled out of my bed. After a minute or two she stood up with a horrified look on her face, she looked like she was going to get sick. "What do you mean Mrs. Hawthorne?" Amazingly her voice was normal, no shaking, no teeth chattering, just like she had been before my mother had wailed.

"I have to admit Marria that you ARE a good actress but not a good liar or scriptsperson. There were certain things that I caught both of you out on: firstly, the letter, you couldn't have received it already because she has not written it yet. Secondly, if you were in my house I would have known. Thirdly, everyone was saying that YOU were missing. Fourthly, your mother is not sick, I saw her the other day. Fifthly, if you were here to tell on my daughter you would have found me not been sleeping on her bed. Lastly, both of you would not be looking at me with nervous expressions if you were telling the truth!"

My mother was smart, very smart. I knew that Marria and I would be in a LOT of trouble, lying was a sin, a very bad sin. I had heard storys about people who had lied and their punishments; if you told a bad lie, about a sickness or the lie Marria and I told my mother, you would usually get locked up......The only up side Marria and I had was that we were from the posh family and I was leaving this country. We could be given work or be beat up. The poorer people could be locked up in the cellar or if they lied about someone important be killed, usually starved to death, it wasn't fair. If it was a smaller lie, like lying about the weather, you would be fined...That was okay for the rich people like us but for the poorer people that would be their worst nightmare.

"What are you going to do to us?" I had asked the question before I even knew my mouth was moving. A sly smile came across her face as she whispered "I'm going to walk over to Marria's house, bring her mother back here and then discuss with her mother what to do about you two, guards might be involved, move an inch from where you are now and the two of you will be dead, our maid is watching over you. Marria you obviously stole the maids clothes, goodbye." She sauntered out of the room without looking at us.

There was another thing about Marria's mother; when she got angry she got extremely mad, she would usually throw things around the room, screech at every moving thing. I remember one time when Marria said that she did not want to stand up straight, her mother yelled and threw a cat against a wall. The cat ended up dead. That was not nearly as bad as what we did now, my teeth started chattering in fear.

"Did you steal the maid's outfit?" I hoped she would say no, no such luck. "Y-y-yes..." Marria was crying, she looked petrified. Stealing was worse than lying, way worse, she would defiantly be in big trouble and I could be blamed for it aswell. Knowing Beatrice she would probaly try to put most of the blame on me.

"Whose outfit was it?" I asked sadly but Marria didn't get time to answer for we both heard our mothers coming up the stairs. "They are in Charlotte's bedroom, I never thought that they could behave this way Beatrice. Oh just in here...." My mothers voice drifted away as my bedroom door began to open... Goodbye world.


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