I think I just stole you (Neville one shot)


Chapter 1


He was sitting by the window. Just staring out at the grounds. Wand twirling in his fingers, shooting red sparks lightly from the end. His hair was longer now, battle scars poking out from his curls and the sleeves of his under shirt. There were more. I know. I'd seen them. Cleaned them. Scars all over his body. Each a reminder of what he fought for. His green eyes were glazed over, lost in thought. He didn't know I was there. There in his office. His office at Hogwarts. Professor Longbottom. That's what I should be calling him now. Professor Longbottom of herbology at Hogwarts. I was proud. So proud. He was living his dream. I toed off my heels and quietly padded over to him. I was a professor to. Professor Rainfall of Muggel studies. I was living the dream to. We were good friends in school. Even better friends as work mates. As I reached his side I placed my hand on his shoulder. He jumped slightly but with a quick glance back knew it was me and relaxed into the touch. 
"what were you thinking about?" I asked. He shrugged underneath my hand. 
"the war" he replied simply "the death. The scars. The screams. God the screams" he ducked his head and clenched his jaw at the memory's 
"it's over now" it was a soft reply, meant for comfort. 
"no, it's not. The weaslys still suffer the war every day. The spells and blood still appear in my nightmares. The scars will never fade. It's not over. It will never be over" he looked out the window with determination, wand now dropped from his fingers and to his feet. I placed my hand on his cheek, turning him to face me. He looked confused, almost bewildered. I licked my lips before leaning forwards slowly till our lips where millimeters apart. My breath was brushing over his cheeks as Neville's lips parted but slightly. 
"Fay-" I pressed our lips together. It was sweet, slow. The way a kiss is meant to be. It was comfort and promise and love poured into the touch of lips. My thumb rubbed over his cheek bone as I angled his head back for a better angle before slowly pulling away with a few pecks. With eyes closed I let my hand drop to his shoulder, fingers playing over his collar bone. 
"I think I just stole your first kiss" I laughed lightly, licking my lips to savor the taste of him. 
"I think you did" he replied. He was the first to lean in this time, lips firmer. His teeth tugged on my bottom lip before he smiled and pulled back "and I stole your second one" I laughed, leaning my head in the crook or his shoulder. Tentatively he lifted his hand to run through my hair. 
"so your going to be ok?" I asked, moving my hand to rest on his stomach. Massaging the firm muscle. 
"I'll be ok" he placed a kiss against my forehead before pulling me over to sit next to him, arm curled around my waist. Our hands linked in his lap. 

more fluff! I don't know why but I'm on a role with Neville stuff at the moment. But don't hold me to it!! Hope you enjoyed. You know where to comment 


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