Might Delete (Please Read) UPDATE!!!!!!

Chapter 1


by: Luvli_Grl
I know you might not expect me of all people to be deleting, but... yes, it's true I might delete. I wasn't supposed to have a facebook, so when my dad found out, he said that he was deleting everything. I won't be on Quibblo or Wattpad anymore. My email account has already been deleted, so if you have that... please don't freak out.
I'm so sorry and if I am deleted, I will miss you all dearly. You all are the best Quibblo generation and family that I have ever had and I will get back on if I do have to delete. I will send you a message from this account if I am here to stay. Please don't worry about me. I'm okay, but I am crying right now. I love you!!!!
Please don't forget me!!! If I'm deleted, I'll be back! New account, but I'll be back! So stay Quibberific and awesome my peeps! Keep the stories up and when I come back, I promise to read every single one of them!!! Promise, promise, promise!!! If I'm writing a group story with you, I'm sorry that it's going to be delayed. Don't forget me and I really do love you all!!! :'(...D': (I need to go because I am really balling right now. Love you!!! And send a message to The_Anime_Rules if there's anything you want to ask me, and I'm sure she will tell me anything you say.)

~Luvli_Grl was here :'(

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