SONG- "Here I Am"

So, I was at my cousins while doing a work out session over there, we were listening to the regular 80's/90's music, and at half practice I got lyrics in my head, so I wrote em down and....ta-da! This came to be! xD took me at most 20 minutes to write this 0.o and it's one of the first songs I write this year that don't have to do with love (minus second verse), hate or any feeling except freedom.

Chapter 1

Freedom like wind under a hawk's wings.

"Here I Am"

Here I am 
Falling down
Stumbling around
On these days
Passing by,
Living in tomorrow's shadow,
Leaving the past with my shadow,

Here I am,
Opening my heart to you,
These dreams,
Are now reality,
You're my heart and love,
Everyday without you,
Is living without the sun,

Here I am,
This is who I am,
I'm not a hero, 
I'm not a loner,
I'm just who I am,
No stoping,
Just moving forward,

Here I am,
Moving forward,
From those knives 
From stumbling forward,
No looking back,
No regrets,
Just looking forward.

Here I am, 
Living life,
No regrets,
No passing by,
Don't wanna hear no lies,
Just looking up to that blue sky,

[guitar solo]

Here I am...
Living on edge..
No trying to hide..
Who I am;
Or who I've been..
..This is who I am..
From my beginning... 
[two fast drum beats]
Until my end. 


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