A Nonsense Poem

A Nonsense Poem

A poem that rhymes but makes no sense.....

Idea suggested by: MichelleWeasley

Chapter 1


by: Carrie_
This is a poem that makes no sense.
So don't feel so intense.
I want some fruit.
No need to send out ninja recruits.
I like clicky pens.
Don't fill my house up with chicken and hens.
I also like to rhyme.
Its fun and jelly just like slime.
Art is nice.
Like pepper on your fuzzy dice.
My friends are cool.
So don't mess with them you juicy fool.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I think you're all awesome.
How bout you?
This is really weird.
I will never grow a beard.
Since I am a girl.
If I do, I think I will hurl.
Maybe on you.
And your little friend too.
I like to drink soda.
People always forget to D.S al Coda.
It is a music term.
I hope you get your dog a perm.
Its fun to slurp!
Go frozen yogurt!
I hope you have a laugh.
And hopefully tickle a baby giraffe.
You are such a doll.
Maybe you should give me a call.
I am only joking.
So no need to go around poking.
I'm very serious.
Don't even think about being curious.
I hate pants with no pockets.
Pop it, lock it, polka dot it, country-fy it, hip hop it!
I am so sorry.
Hey, at least you could find lions in a safari!
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Touch me
And I will hurt you....
Hahaha Just kidding!
It's another one of my random poems!
Yes, I know that didn't rhyme...
So, whatcha gonna do about it, huh?!
It's fun to put a coaster in a toaster.
A waffle in a falafel.
A cat in a rat who wears a hat and think he's a that!
I realize this poem is long.
So why don't you sing a song.
It makes everyone happy.
Go hug your pappy.
I will make it very long.
A doorbell goes "ding-dong!"
Go tackle King Kong.
Yes, I know I used "long" twice.
Make sure you don't have head lice.
This poem has no point.
A place where to bones meet is called a joint.
I like to eat steak.
Chocolate cake!
Yummy in my tummy.
Sunny in my bunny.
Nickel in my pickle.
Roses are red,
Grass is green,
I am quiet and shy.
So I don't want to make a scene.
If you make me get up and dance.
I will put ants down your pants.
I have one more message to say.
Trust me, it will save your day....
Don't forget your flavorful house key!


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