You're A Thief, 'Cause You Stole My Heart....(A One Direction Group Story)

You're A Thief, 'Cause You Stole My Heart....(A One Direction Group Story)

This is by me(Someone_Like_You), DamienMcGintysGals, and _ RedGoneBlue _ (no spaces!
We hope you like it!:))

Chapter 3

Sam Elway

"GIRLS." I blinked my eyes open and wondered blearily why Luke was screaming. "UP. NOW. KITCHEN." I sat up, my head foggy with sleep,many stumbled out of bed and into the hallway . . . Right into Vi.

"OOF!" We yelled and laughed slightly hysterically. Then Chris grabbed the front of our baggy sleep shirts and tugged us into the nook. 

"What's up Lukey?" I yawned and slumped down at the table. I could be a morning person if I wanted to be, but I rarely woke before 10 unless we had a gig. 

"You've got a Skype call in half an hour." He said, his eyes deviously bright.

"With who?" Vi shrieked. "This early?" 

"With a certain boy band . . ." We all froze. " . . . Called One Direction." 

There was a moment of stunned silence. We all screamed in unison.

"30 minutes Luke?? Are you KIDDING me??" I yelled.

"One Direction? That's crazy!" Vi jumped in circles.

"What is it about?" Chris asked, excited but always the logical one. 

"They caught wind of rumours of Butterfly Kisses being interested in singing Up All Night, so their manager collaborated with me to set up a Skype to talk." Luke explained calmly. 

"About?" I asked. Luke smiled smugly.

"About meeting them in person." The air was split like a dry cracker with our electric screams, and we raced off.

It's amazing how fast three teenage girls can get ready when faced with the words "One Direction" and "Skype" in the same sentence. Their hair was straightened and sleek, and mine was in loose curls down to my shoulders in its usual style. The funny thing was, since it was only a Skype, we were all wearing nice and flirty blouses and then sweatpants and I had on my slipper socks! We gathered at the table, and Luke widened it so it fit all of us perfectly. 

"Ready girls?" He asked, his eyes proud. 

"Ready!" We chirped. The camera flickered to life, and with amazing clarity (for Skype anyway) we were faced with none other than the 5 stunning boys of One Direction. 

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