You're A Thief, 'Cause You Stole My Heart....(A One Direction Group Story)

You're A Thief, 'Cause You Stole My Heart....(A One Direction Group Story)

This is by me(Someone_Like_You), DamienMcGintysGals, and _ RedGoneBlue _ (no spaces!
We hope you like it!:))

Chapter 2

Chris Winters

"Dj got the floor to shake, the floor to shake....,"I sang along my two best friends, and bandmates, Sam and Vi.
We love singing Up All Night by One Direction, one of our favorite songs actually. It just gets us in the mood to party!
Now, the girls and I have our band, Butterfly Kisses. We are pretty well known, barely getting known in the UK, which we really want to win over. We have been around for about two years, we started young with this. We actually didn't know each other, until we became a band.
They were looking for the next big thing, we tried out, and we got turn into a band. At first I didn't know how well it would go, me being shy and all, but having two number one albums did the job.
"Ladies, please clean my kitchen,"said Luke, our manager, as he entered and saw the mess.
We were in his house, just relaxing and eating. Luke is an amzing manager! Our band couldn't have asked for a better one.
We've been through a lot of managers in the past two years. All quit a week into the job, saying they couldn't handel us. Is not that we are bad our anything, but together we can be a hand full. Luckly, Luke can handel us!
"Hey, Luke, we should really sing this song for our next album,"said Vi.
"Doesn't One Direction already sing it?,"he asked putting away the cheese.
"Yes, but we could do a cover on it. Don't a lot of singers and bands already do that?,"I asked.
"Yeah, they have a point,"said Sam flipping her hair.
"Fine!,"he exclaimed knowing us already,"I'll see what I can do."
This is why he's the perfect manager, he almost, never says no to us. Except if it's something crazy, like shaving our hair off, which Vi actually recommend, which made Sam cry.
My phone started to buzz, it was my neighboor, Mark, who was taking care of my two puppies, Fluffy and Fluffier, and my kitty, Kitty. Don't even ask me how I named them!
Anyways, he texted me to say everything was going fine.
"Is it Mark?,"asked Sam raising her eyebrows.
"Yes, he just texted to say that my babies are fine,"I replied putting down my phone.
"Someone has a crush,"she replied smiling big.
"No, I don't! He's just a friend,"I told her while I took a sip of my water.
"Not you dummy! Him!,"replied Vi for her.
"What?,"I asked in disbelieve,"No, you guys are crazy!"
"Oh, sweet, innocent Chris,"sad Sam hugging me sideways.
I rolled my eyes, they are always doing this! Trying to find me a guy, just because I've never dated anybody.
"Leave Chris alone, and start cleaning,"said Luke walking away,"I'm going to go make some calls."
"Better be to the One Direction manager,"Vi called out.
"You know it!,"he replied, we could almost hear the smile on his voice.
"So, how is Fluffy, Fluffier, and Kitty?,"asked Sam.
"Fine,"I replied.
"Wait, remind me again how you came up with their names?,"asked Vi acting confused.
"Oh you know how!,"I replied,"I'm just bad at naming pets!"
"Yes, remember Slow the turtle,"pointed Sam out laughing.
"Well, turtles are slow!,"I exclaimed crossing my arms.
"Yes, but doesn't mean you have to name it slow,"said Vi getting up and throwing her trash away.
I stayed quiet, not wanting to talk about this anymore. I return my attention too the radio, which was playing Use Somebody by Kings Of Leon. I aso began to clean the mess, all of our mess.
"I hope is gonna make you notice, someone like me...,"I sang as the girls started talking about new possible songs for our next album.

Fluffy & Fluffier:

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