You're A Thief, 'Cause You Stole My Heart....(A One Direction Group Story)

You're A Thief, 'Cause You Stole My Heart....(A One Direction Group Story)

This is by me(Someone_Like_You), DamienMcGintysGals, and _ RedGoneBlue _ (no spaces!
We hope you like it!:))

Chapter 18


I reached past Liam to grab a roll and dropped it on my plate. I never ate breakfast, but I figured it would be nice to at least pretend because the boys were over. I didn't want them thinking I was anorexic.

"So," Louis started, munching on a slice of toast. "What was your news?"

"News?" Vi cocked her head quizzically.

"Yeah, Chris said you had news." Now Zayn looked confused.

"OH! No, I was telling Liam that Paul said he had news . . ." She trailed off as she, Vi, and I saw the excited glimmer in the boy's eyes.

"What're you hiding?" Vi accused, leaning forward.

"Us?" Niall squeaked innocently. "Have news?"

"Nonsense!" Harry cut in. "We don-"

"PAUL MADE US PROMISE NOT TO TELL!" Louis screamed, hiding his face in his hands.

"LOUIS!" All the boys shouted at once. We all cracked up, and when Paul walked in a few minutes later, we were crying we were laughing so hard.

"Do I want to know?" He sighed, and Zayn just shook his head.

"Alright," the boy's manager continued, pulling up a chair as we regained our composure. "I'm guessing they already told you?"

"No," Chris grinned. "They just said you made them promise not to tell!"

"Who said that?" Paul snarled, glowering at the boys. 7 fingers snapped to point straight at Louis, who was slowly sinking in his seat.

"I'll deal with you later." He said threateningly, and Louis yelped. "Anyway, girls, you're fans of the boys music, right?"

"Duh," I snorted, rolling my eyes.

"Hw many music videos do they have?"

"3," Vi answered, thinking hard. "What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, and Gotta Be You. Why?"

"Most artists have an average of 4 music videos per album." Paul smiled smugly. What was he saying . . .

"We're making a music video??" I screamed, making everyone jump. Finally the girls got it, and the boys beamed widely.

"Yes, but I have to explain it first!" Paul yelled over the ensuing chatter. We immeadiatley fell silent. "It's going to be to I Wish with backing vocals from Butterfly Kisses. Here's what's going to go down . . .

It starts off at a party. The lights are low and the music's loud. Sam enters with her date, Liam. Chris with Zayn, and Vi with Louis. From across the room, Vi and Niall make eye contact, then look away shyly. Sam is going to get drinks and brushes shoulders with Harry. He apologizes, then loses his breath when he sees her. Chris and Liam will come face to face on the dance floor and stand motionless for a moment, then Chris will turn away.

Next scene: The 8 of you are hanging at an outdoor mall. Harry keeps staring longingly at Sam while she tries to distance herself from Liam. Niall and Vi will be flirting and laughing the whole time, and Vi and Chris will make revelations about their similar interests. Then someone will get the idea to play a friendly game of hide-and-seek. Liam follows Chris to her hiding spot, Niall follows Vi, and Harry follows Sam. They get even further aquatinted.

Final scene: the Winter Gala. Fancy dresses and Tuxes. The guys finally muster up the nerve to ask their loves to dance. The video ends on the final dip.

The twist is, when the video starts, the girls are dressed like their boyfriends. Sam as Liam, Chris as Zayn, and Vi as Louis. Then, as they start to like the bod more and more, their clothes start changing from the style of their boyfriend to the style of their crush, so that by the end of the hide-and-seek match (which is shown during the Gala scene) Harry and Sam are dressed alike, Vi and Niall are identical, and Chris and Liam are twins.

"Sound good?" Paul asked, eyes bright.

Shocked silence greeted him.

Sam=Liam Outift:
Cant wait to see yours!

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