Story time :D

the story of Seths and the guys history :3

Chapter 1

Backstory time ^_^

by: nyan_sama
Will killed Seth in a fit of rage after Seth murdered the guys families when he bombed a mythical creature party where the guys supossed to be but they all went outside to play they were very young thats when and where they met then they all hid out with Seth's uncle until they were 15 when Seth found out what they were and he told them they were suppossed to be in the party he bombed, that they should've been dead so upon figuring this out Will killed Seth to avenge everyone's families but turns out Seth was a wizard gone rouge hated being not normal so he uses his powers to kill other mythical creatures because he despises them for being abnormal he cast a spell on himself where the one trying to kill him must get him to ingest a special potion.

SO thats the story behind how they all know each other and why Seth hates them and they hate him :3 the quiz will be out soon


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