Without Aubrie

When Baylee's twin sister Aubrie died life became meaningless to her. everything her sister did with her turned to crap and Baylee voowed she'd never touch an instrument again....until she found Aubrie's letters to her.

Chapter 1

I just can't

"Honey please join and again," my mom practicly begged me for the thousandth time. "You're sister would've wanted you to continue on with it. How hard did you two work on it together? Please"

"No Mom. I'm sorry I can't, you know that. You don't understand I can't even think about an instrument without wanting to cry. I watched Aubrie fade away, all the while clinging onto her music. She wouldn't let the cancer affect her last days. I can't pick up an instrument without thinking of her. It's too painful," I said back.

"Honey you can't give up on what you love."

I turned and walked away without another word to her, we'd had this fight before and it would be pointless to continue on with it. Neither would win. I walked into my sister's room ad collapsed on her bed crying.

"Aubrie, Mom wants me to join up with band again...but I can't it'd hurt me too much. If you were here you'd tell me to suck it up and push on. I'm not you Aubrie, I'm not that strong. How could you leave me here like this!," I said suddenly angry. "We had plans remember, open up a community music center where anyone could come for lessons and learn. I can't do that without you. Please Aubrie how do I move on when you're not here?"

I curled up in a ball then, now overcome with sobs, there would be o more one sided talk with Aubrie tonight. I don't know when the tears stopped. All I know was I woke up the next day with a puffy face.

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