Secrets, Love, and Lies (One Direction Action/Adventure Story)

Secrets, Love, and Lies (One Direction Action/Adventure Story)

This is my attempt at crossing an action/adventure story with a One Direction fanfic...this could really go either way. Basically, I was reading a bunch of fanfics, and they're pretty much the same things happening over and over, so I thought I would try to make a thriller type of fanfic thingy, and...I can't explain it. Just read it and tell me what ya think, please! :) (Yes, that means I'm asking you to comment) xD So, read, comment, rate, FR, etc. Thanks!

Chapter 1

Just a Dream

Chloe should've known better than to trust a total stranger. After all, she'd been in the "family business" her entire life. But then he came along with his stupid boy band and messed up her priorities. And that's the last thing a spy wants.

Black. Everything was black. I couldn't even see my own hand when i shoved it in front of my face. I blinked, trying to get used to the dark. I heard a distant boom. It sounded almost like a firework.
"CHLOE, RUN!" I heard someone shout. I turned around.
A huge wall of fire was rapidly destroying everything in its path. I felt the heat on my face, and immediately, my instincts took over. I started to sprint as fast as I could, parallel to the fire. I knew the fire had to stop somewhere, and I prayed that I didn't run into a wall. I kept running, but after a while, I gave up trying to find the end. I changed my path so I was running away from the fire. A tunnel was looming up ahead, and suddenly I remembered where I was. And abandoned factory right by a dock. I sprinted through the tunnel and burst into the night air. Up ahead, I saw the moon shining on the water, and I knew the only option was to jump in and start swimming. So onto the dock I ran, and dove right into the black water just as the factory exploded.
I woke up screaming. I was tangled in my sheets, and my face was sweaty. It was just a dream Chloe. Get over it. I told myself over and over again. But it wasn't just a dream. That really had happened last year. My first failed mission. I guess you could call me a spy. My entire family is, too. And so far, I'm the ONLY one who's managed to fail on a mission.
I've had this same nightmare over and over for the past year, and I couldn't wait until my dad let me back out into the field so I could forget this horrible past.
See, my dad is the boss. Everything you do has to be OK-ed by my dad, or you get in trouble. Ever since I failed on that terrible night, my dad hasn't let me help with ANYTHING we've done as a family. So I guess I really should say I'm an ex-spy. But after yesterday, I'm pretty certain that it's gonna change.
But you're probably confused. Let me take you back and tell you the story from the beginning. Well, starting yesterday.

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