Dangerously Beautiful

This is a story about a newly created gang member, and a girl he meets.
This is a very important type of story for me, so I hope you guys like it.
Rate, comment, and all that awesome sauce stuff :)

Chapter 1

Character info.

Name: Katherine Avery
Age: 16
Looks: Long brown hair that's movie-style curled, very light brown eyes, tan, skinny, flexible, athletic.
Personality: Fun, outgoing, sharp-mouthed, spirited, spit-fire, fightful.
Likes: Lollipops, volley ball, track, dance, hanging out with friends, reading, cracker jack.
Hates: people who try to fight her, wannabes, taking out the trash, ladders.

Name: Tucker Rose
Age: 16
Looks: Movie style shaggy dark brown hair, dark green eyes, tan, muscular.
Personality: Dangerous, fun, daring, smiley, sweet, caring.
Likes: Heights, going out with friends, violence, doing spontaneous things, road trips, ice cream.
Hates: Girl who throw themselves at guys, messes, glasses(bifocals), stains.

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